Department of English



PhD Students in the Classroom

The English PhD program puts a great deal of emphasis on graduate student teaching as an integral part of a PhD candidate's training and professional identity. The training our students receive in teaching and the variety of teaching experiences we offer have served our students very well when they have come to look for their first faculty positions.

At the end of their first year of graduate study, students participate in an intensive summer training program, and beginning in their second year, they teach one course per semester for the Writing, Speaking, and Argument (WSA) Program. The WSA Program emphasizes discipline-based writing across a wide variety of disciplines and provides consistent mentoring for its instructors. Each graduate instructor designs his or her own syllabus, reflecting the student's own passions, interests, and emerging expertise. Enrollment in writing courses is limited to 15 students.

In addition to their work in the WSA Program, advanced graduate students have the opportunity to teach courses within their fields of specialization through the Teaching Fellowship Program, the Susan B. Anthony Teaching Fellowship, and the English Department's summer school curriculum.

Campus Resources for Teaching