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I created this site to provide access to works that cannot fit within the confines of my university web page. In these pages you'll find information about my recent writings, my work with video--and in some instances the videos themselves can be streamed as Quicktime movies.

Writings contains information about and excerpts from Slave of Desire, my book on The Arabian Nights. There is also some information on two essays on the influence of The Arabian Nights on Voltaire and Proust, and a third essay dealing with the theme of paranoia in the contemporary American fictions of Pynchon, Burroughs and DeLillo.

Videos on blues provides some background to my Joe Beard documentary "So Much Truth." The video can also be streamed from this page. The short video "Highwater Everywhere" can also be streamed from this page.

Videos on life in general these pages describes my other videos: the "Room Tone" trilogy, "Trailer Blues,"a satirical short called "Mission: Mesopotamia," and a soothing escape to a grotto, "Grotto-Cam."

Teaching describes my course on The Arabian Nights and my course on the blues called, appropriateley enough, "The Blues."

Egypt 2006 - Photos

Paris 2006 - Photos

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Videos on Blues or on Life in General