Fraternity and Sorority Affairs


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We promote excellence on campus and in the Greater Rochester area through support, advocacy, and advisement of fraternity and sorority members. We empower community through creating collaborative networks that are aligned with the mission and values of the College and the Office of the Dean of Students. As educators, we strengthen the relationship between the College and its' recognized fraternities and sororities via a success-driven system rooted in the College.


FSA envisions that all fraternity and sorority members will:

Fraternity and Sorority Success-Driven Model

The current University of Rochester fraternity and sorority system was developed after an intensive review of both the culture of the institution and of the fraternity and sorority community during the 2003-2004 academic year. A committee comprised of trustees, faculty, staff, alumni, and students reviewed the institutional culture and values of each fraternity and sorority, best practices across the country, and research and theory on such topics as learning, culture, and motivation to find congruence with the University of Rochester's mission, values, and educational philosophy. While doing so, there was a distinct commitment to creating a system rooted in the College and self-evaluation, which also expected its groups to achieve due to a belief in their capacity. The following is a visual representation of the University of Rochester's Success-Driven Model.

Success-Driven Model

Learning and Leadership Development

At the University of Rochester individuals own their education; learning is not the property or responsibility of social groups. Fraternities and sororities respect the educational goals of each individual by providing programs which address individual members’ interests, as well as monitoring and modifying fraternity/sorority time commitments which may interfere with academic pursuits, among other practices. Fraternities and sororities support “real learning,” which reflects the shift from memorization to conceptual understanding. Real learning is reached through exploration and information gathering, reflection, discussion, evaluation, and informed decision making. Learning requires time management, engagement with campus resources, and involvement in the larger College community of scholars.

Fraternities and sororities acknowledge that their members have multiple identities and interests and support and nurture these identities. Many of the top student leaders on campus are affiliated with a sorority or fraternity. Leadership is encouraged by supporting and promoting individuals’ search for purpose and passion. Chapters encourage their members to attend training and to participate in hands-on experiences through service and leadership positions in the group and in the greater student community. Being in a Greek-lettered organization provides practice in, and the context of, leadership. Service as an officer or as a committee chair provides expert training for participation in all kinds of business and civic responsibilities. The University community continues to look to the fraternal system to provide outstanding student leaders as well as many strong alumni.

Building an Inclusive Community

UR fraternities and sororities support the university understanding of community. They build a strong inclusive community through relationships and partnerships with diverse student groups and community organizations, both in the College and beyond campus, in an atmosphere of trust, cooperation, and respect. UR fraternities and sororities identify opportunities for involvement on campus and within the Rochester community. Community service provides important career experiences and helps individuals develop a sense of responsibility, self-discipline, and self-respect.

UR fraternities and sororities encourage individuality while celebrating the diversity of their membership. Providing the chance to interact with students who differ in college majors, hometowns, cultures, or creeds creates an excellent opportunity for one to develop pride in membership and a challenge to "live beyond one's self" in an inclusive community.

Personal Development and Friendship

Being part of a group experience rounds out your college experience. UR fraternities and sororities sponsor events for their members to enjoy, ranging from monthly get-togethers to semester formals. The rituals of sororities and fraternities, the common experiences, the sharing of ideas, the bond of sisterhood and brotherhood, and the search for goals provide a common ground for the rich experience of lifetime friendship.