FSA—Fraternity and Sorority Den

The Fraternity and Sorority Den, located on the first floor of Spurrier Gym, is available to recognized members and groups affiliated with the University of Rochester Fraternity President’s Council (FPC), Multicultural Greek Council (MGC), and Panhellenic Association (PHA). Fraternity and Sorority Affairs will have the authority to grant usage to other University of Rochester recognized student organizations. The Office of Residential Life will assist Fraternity and Sorority Affairs (FSA) in administering the use of the room by providing card access for the Den.

To request the Fraternity and Sorority Den, please go to Virtual EMS

The following guidelines will apply at all times for the usage of the Fraternity and Sorority Den:

  1. In order to reserve the Den, an individual must come use the Virtual EMS system. The Den will be reserved on a first come-first serve basis.
  2. Card access is the only way to gain entry to the Den. In order to get access placed on the ID card of the person reserving the room the FSA must approve access and provide the name to the Office of Residential Life at least 48 hours before access is needed. Access can be requested to FSA during regular office hours 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., weekdays or via the online reservation form.
  3. Individuals or groups wishing to reserve the Den will complete a Reservation Form, on which they will note the name of the individual or organization requesting use of the Den, contact person’s name, address, and phone number. The reservation forms will be available for review by any FSA staff member.
  4. The group reserving the Den will be responsible for reporting any damage to the Den prior to and/or following their event.
  5. The Den is available for reservation from 7am to 11pm.
  6. No parties will be permitted. Parties are defined as a social event in which more than 20 persons are in attendance.
  7. The Den will be cleaned periodically by University housekeeping staff.
  8. An individual or group using the Den will be responsible for any damages. If multiple groups or individuals use the Den over a weekend or at any other time and damage occurs, FSA, in consultation with FPC, MGC and PHA, will make an attempt to identify the individual(s) or group(s) responsible for such damage. If no group or individual is identified, all groups/individuals using the Den during the time period in which it was damaged will share in the cost of repairs.