Fraternity and Sorority Affairs


Expectations for Excellence

2012 Chapter Accreditation

In December of 2012, each chapter submitted the Expectations for Excellence 2012 Annual Report/2013 Plan with their proposed events and strategy for the 2013 year to the Fraternity and Sorority Standards Sub-Committee who reviewed them. The chapters also gave a fifteen minute presentation to a review panel composed of two staff, faculty, or alumni, and a student. The Fraternity and Sorority Standards Sub-Committee reviewed the annual reports, the plans, and the feedback from the reviewers, along with supplemental information provided by the organizations and Fraternity and Sorority Affairs.

After reviewing these materials the Fraternity and Sorority Standards Sub-Committee Committee made their decisions on which groups achieved Accreditation for 2013.



The following groups were inactive or reactivated during the 2012 Expectations for Excellence process and will be eligible for accreditation in 2013:

 The following groups did not receive accreditation: