Internships in Europe

Program Dates and Fee Information

Program Dates

London: Semester | Summer

BrusselsSemester | Summer

Bonn/CologneSemester | Summer


EdinburghSemester | Summer



Semester Programs: University of Rochester students students pay normal UR tuition and room costs. Students from other colleges and universities: contact our office.

Summer Programs: The 2016 program fee is $8150 and includes tuition (eight University of Rochester credits), housing, and orientation.

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Available Scholarships

We strongly encourage you to consider applying for scholarships and loans designed specifically for study abroad.  Certainly, the cost of living in some places (such as London or Paris) is extremely high, and students must make every effort to budget their expenses. Even if you can easily afford to pay for your semester or year overseas, you may still consider these scholarships: some of them are merit-based, and represent an academic honor that would serve you well on your résumé.

Here is a list of some scholarships and financial resources for study abroad. Check with a financial aid adviser to discuss how these scholarships would affect your aid package. Be aware that many scholarships must be applied for as early as one semester or one year prior to your intended term(s) abroad.


Here are two other general web sites for study abroad scholarships: