Policies and Procedures

Application Deadlines

Check the Internships in Europe page for application deadlines: http://www.epa-internships.org/apply/application

Applicants must be juniors or seniors at the time of their internship, and have a grade point average of 3.0 ("B") or better. In exceptional circumstances, students with sophomore standing may be considered. Students who have questions about their eligibility should contact the Center for Study Abroad. The instructions that precede the Internships in Europe application provide detailed information. As soon as students are accepted, their files are sent to the appropriate program office abroad for internship placement.

Applications may be completed online. Instructions here



University of Rochester Credit

Credit is awarded for all internships and coursework by the University of Rochester. Students may not take the internship or courses on an audit basis; both components of the program must be taken for credit. Graduate credit is not available, except in some unusual cases, and must be arranged by the student with his or her graduate program at the home institution. Each course carries four credits, and each internship carries eight credits; students register for a maximum of sixteen credits each semester, and for eight credits in the summer. Upon completion of the program, a University of Rochester transcript is sent to the office responsible for granting transfer credit on the student's home campus.

Independent Credit

Some U.S. colleges and universities are able to evaluate programs done abroad, and to grant credit without an official U.S. college transcript. In such cases, the relevant program office in Europe sends grades for courses, along with the supervisor's evaluation of the internship, directly to the home institution. It may also be that students' interest in the internship is for the experience, but not to earn academic credit.

If you want to arrange for credit from your own school, or not to earn credits, please contact:
Educational Programmes Abroad
UR/PO Box 270375
Rochester, NY 14627-0375
Phone: (585) 275-8850
Fax: (585) 275-2167
E-mail: queries@epa-internships.org

Questions about your home school's transfer credit policy should be directed to your study abroad adviser, or the office on your campus responsible for awarding transfer credit. It is essential that you and your adviser determine whether or not you will need University of Rochester credit during your application process. If you have any questions about credit, clarify your situation by discussing it with study abroad advisers at the University of Rochester, as well as with the person or persons at your home school who are responsible for handling transfer credit. Once the invoice has been paid to Rochester, it is not possible to request a refund or to change your status from Rochester-credited to "independent."



Courses: Grades are assigned by the instructors of the courses, and transmitted to the University of Rochester by the overseas program office. Students receive letter grades: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, E (failure). Pass/fail grades are not awarded for courses.

Internships: Matriculated University of Rochester undergraduates take the internship for a letter grade. Students from other institutions have two options: they may choose to receive a letter grade, or to take the internship on a Pass/Fail basis (P/F). This is our general policy; some colleges and universities may require that students take the internship for a letter grade. It is the student's responsibility to determine this by consulting the individual at his or her home school about transfer credit details.

To earn a letter grade for the internship, students keep an analytical journal, detailing activities, related travel, comparing and contrasting (where applicable) significant differences between the United States and the host country, and generally reflecting upon the internship experience. Complete details on writing this journal are included with the letter of acceptance to the program, but students may request them in advance from the Rochester Center for Study Abroad. Complete details are also available on this web site .

At the end of the semester, students send the original journal (after first making a photocopy) to the Rochester Center for Study Abroad. The due date of this journal is two weeks after the last day of the program. It is the student's responsibility to send the journal by air mail. Faxed journals are not accepted under any circumstances, since they are not legible. If there is an unavoidable delay in sending the journal, it is the student's responsibility to notify the Rochester Center for Study Abroad. Journals that are received later than six weeks after the original due date will not be graded. After the journal is received at Rochester, it is forwarded to the appropriate faculty member for grading. The University of Rochester faculty member also takes into consideration the letter of evaluation written by the internship supervisor, which is sent along with the course grades by the overseas program office. Rochester faculty will not award a grade until the supervisor's evaluation has been received. To earn a grade of Pass/Fail for the internship, students are not required to keep a journal; the grade is based solely on the report of the student's internship supervisor.


Internship Placement Information

The Program Directors begin the process of arranging internship placements as soon as the student has submitted the Confirmation Deposit. A great deal of time and effort is put into the placement process by the Program Directors. Every internship placement is made with care and consideration for the student’s strengths and interests, and the needs of the potential placements. Students may be notified of their placement prior to arrival in Berlin, Bonn, Brussels, Edinburgh, London, or Madrid, but the placement is provisional and dependent upon a successful on-site interview. In the extremely rare event of an unsuccessful interview, the Program Director will make arrangements for another placement.


Evaluation of the Internship

During the semester, your Site Director will keep in touch on a regular basis with you and your supervisor as well as make site visits. Your internship supervisor will submit a final written report on your performance.

Whether or not your school requires the writing of a journal, we strongly recommend that all students keep them. The journal is intended to be far more than a record of what work was done during the internship; it is a substantial academic work. While the recording of events is important, an analytical journal makes comparisons with other work experiences, and reflects, challenges, analyzes, compares, and judges ideas, systems, and methodology.


Academic Policies

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Semester students are expected to carry two four-credit courses and the eight-credit internship. Summer students are enrolled for the eight-credit internship. Students may withdraw from a course only with the permission of the University of Rochester's Center for Study Abroad.

In reliance on applications for the Program, EPA and the University of Rochester make significant financial commitments on admitted students’ behalf well before the start of the Program, even before the confirmation deposit is received. Therefore, certain fees may be charged to students who withdraw from the Program after the date they are notified of their admission.

Students who withdraw or decline to participate in the Program 30 or more days before the Program start date will forfeit the confirmation deposit and any non-recoverable costs incurred by the University of Rochester and EPA (even if no deposit has been paid). Students may be eligible for a refund of amounts paid in excess of the deposit and non-recoverable costs.

Students who withdraw or decline to participate in the Program fewer than 30 days before the Program start date will be responsible to pay the confirmation deposit, full term’s housing cost as well as other non-recoverable costs incurred by the University of Rochester and EPA. Students may be eligible for a refund of amounts paid in excess of the deposit, housing, and non-recoverable costs.

Students who withdraw on or after the official Program start date may be eligible for partial refunds, less non-recoverable costs and confirmation deposit, only in documented cases of serious illness or emergency requiring a student’s return to the United States. The amount of any refund will be determined in the sole discretion of EPA and the University of Rochester after written notice of withdrawal from the Program is received in the Rochester office.

In all cases described in these policies, unrecoverable costs are variable depending on the circumstances and cannot be estimated in advance. Examples may include orientation fees, housing deposits and payments, and other costs.

Any student dismissed from the program by the University of Rochester or EPA, at any time and for any reason, is liable for the full cost of the program, including housing, other fees, and the comprehensive program fee.  

Any student, who is dismissed after beginning any Internships in Europe program for any reason, forfeits the possibility of any refund for used or unused expenses as well as the comprehensive program fee.

Changes in status from Rochester-credited to "independent" (see the section on "Credit" above) are not permitted after the invoice has been paid in full, and constitute withdrawal.

Course Availability

While every effort is made to offer all courses listed in this Program Guide, the University of Rochester reserves the right to cancel or to replace courses. During the drop/add period at the beginning of the program, students may, with the agreement of both Rochester and the home school, elect to take a course other than those selected on the application. Under no circumstances, however, may students elect to change the internship field once they have arrived at the program center.


General Regulations

Students on University of Rochester Internship programs are expected to apply the same effort and discipline toward their coursework and internships as they would toward their coursework at their home institution. It is required that students take all examinations given in the courses, and that they consistently attend classes.

It is also the expectation of the Internships in Europe Program that all participants understand that they are guests in a foreign country and must obey all local laws. They are particularly urged to learn, to understand, and to respect the customs of the country, which will be outlined in detail during orientation. Students are expected to conduct themselves with courtesy, collegiality, and civility in all relationships with other interns, flatmates, host families, supervisors, co-workers, and the overseas program staff. It is essential to understand that appropriate and culturally sensitive comportment reflects positively on students not only as individuals, but as representatives of the home school, and of the home country. Serious violation of local laws, or of the Center's code of conduct, may result in dismissal from the program. In this case, there will be no refunds, and, in most cases, credit will not be awarded.

All insurance is the responsibility of the student: medical, travel, and personal. Most students will be able to maintain health insurance policies through their home school or through their parents' health plans. It is essential that students verify that these policies are valid for use outside the United States, and it is strongly recommended that students bring a copy of their insurance policy and identification card with them. No insurance is included in the University of Rochester Internships in Europe fees.


Disciplinary Matters

Students on the Program are subject to and must comply with Code of Conduct for Students on University of Rochester Study Abroad Programs.


Financial Aid

Students who are not matriculated University of Rochester undergraduates may use loans they currently receive, or even grants, toward the cost of the internship program. The University of Rochester Office of Student Financial Assistance will help process some financial aid, such as Stafford Loans and Pell Grants, by completing consortium agreement forms. Investigating financial aid must begin at your own institution, and we are happy to help you with the paperwork. Please call the Center for Study Abroad at (585) 275-7532 for more information. Matriculated University of Rochester undergraduates may apply for and receive financial aid under normal University of Rochester policies.


Confirmation Deposit

Students who have been admitted to the Internships in Europe Study Abroad Program (“the Program”) must submit a $500 non-refundable deposit within two weeks of admission in order to confirm their participation. The deposit is payable by credit card. The process of arranging housing and an internship placement generally does not begin until the deposit has been received by the Center for Study Abroad, so it is important to return the deposit promptly in order to assure housing and placement. If the University of Rochester or EPA has begun the process in reliance on a student’s application or other request before the deposit is received, the student may be charged non-recoverable costs incurred if he or she ultimately declines to participate and return a deposit. See the Withdrawal and Refund policy below.


Payment of fees

The confirmation deposit, housing deposit (where applicable), and balance of the program fee must be paid in full before the official Program start date. Students whose accounts are not paid in full may not be permitted to participate. EPA and the University of Rochester reserve the right to charge supplemental fees to cover fluctuations in exchange rates, or any other unforeseen price increases, full details of which will be supplied if such charges are made.


Housing Information

Housing costs are paid in full by the University of Rochester/ EPA, for Program participants prior to the beginning of the Program for all students in homestays and in pre-arranged apartments (Brussels, Edinburgh, London). Students on the London Program who choose the pre-arranged flat option will be billed for a $300 housing deposit by the U.S. Office of Educational Programmes Abroad (EPA), which is refundable after the program has ended as long as there is no damage to the flat. This housing deposit is due by May 1 for summer programs, July 15 for fall programs, and by December 1 for spring programs.