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EPA Internships in Europe

Bonn/Cologne/Berlin—Programs of Study

Bonn Internships:

Berlin Internships

Politics Internships
Placements are available in offices of Members of the Bundestag. Interns conduct research, do translations, attend plenary sessions, committee and party meetings, and deal with correspondence and press work. Politics interns do not need to be political science majors, but should have a background in German politics and good spoken and written German skills.


Bonn Internships

Museum, Theater and Arts Administration Internships
Museum internships offer extraordinary opportunities to work as research, curatorial, and administrative interns. They are open to students of all backgrounds and majors. The range of available art specialties is very wide, including modern, women, sacred and medieval, Roman, Germanic and applied art, anthropology, archaeology, and photography. A detailed knowledge or specific interest in a particular field should be noted in a cover letter to the application. Placements are also available in theater companies and with orchestras. Students work as assistants and participate in all aspects of planning, administration, production, and publicity.
Health and Social Sciences Internships
Psychology and psychiatric internship opportunities exist in a wide range of psychiatric and social services institutions, hospitals and clinics in Bonn and Cologne. Client groups include battered women, families, children, and adolescents in therapy, the elderly, substance abusers, and refugees.
Medical Research Internships
Hands-on experience in research laboratories or teaching hospitals.
Law Internships
An excellent opportunity to acquire a detailed knowledge of the German legal system through placement in a major corporate law firm: taxation, mergers and acquisitions, anti-trust and European Union law, competition and labor law, environmental, banking and media law.
Business Internships
Placements are available in many areas of business including administration, sales and marketing, computer programming, and insurance.
Banking and Finance Internships
Placements are available in a variety of banks and financial institutions.
Journalism Internships
Interns can work at a television or radio station producing "news magazine" shows, and for local newspapers.
Advertising and Public Relations Internships
Exciting international advertising openings are available in a Bonn advertising agency. Placements are also available in public relations.