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EPA Internships in Europe


Cultural and social activities are held to acquaint students with each other and with Brussels. All aspects of the program are covered in detail during orientation, and particular emphasis is given to familiarizing students with the major European institutions. During orientation students also begin a non-credit intensive French language course designed to give survival French to those with little or no background and improve the skills of those who already have some experience in the language. Most students live in shared apartments in Brussels, splitting the rent and associated costs.

Brussels is a city used to a large and continual influx of people looking for short-term accommodation, and there is a well-established network of apartments that students have rented. Families will sometimes have rooms available for rental to students. During the orientation period, the Brussels program staff helps students to locate and secure accommodation. Students living in Brussels enjoy having reasonably-priced lunches in the European Parliament canteen.

Please read the Brussels pre-program orientation materials for more information.