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We Love You…
and We Want You to Leave.

One of the primary goals of the David T. Kearns Center is to create a welcoming environment where you feel comfortable asking us anything, utilizing our services to better yourself, and to think of the Center as a second home on campus.  This being said, it is very important that we don’t see you after May.

Why are we kicking you out?  It is because of summer research programs!  Summer research programs are an invaluable tool in preparing you for graduate school.  The opportunity to work with different faculty at a new campus will give you something to contrast your UR experience.

Summer research programs are an invaluable tool in preparing you for graduate school.

Summer research experiences for undergraduates, or REUs, allow for a more in depth research experience and most often are of little or no cost to you.  The application process is also a good exercise to practice applying to graduate school by completing applications, talking to faculty about future plans and seeking recommendations. REUs are an effective way to build a strong portfolio for successful enrollment in graduate school and are also a way to meet faculty at an institution that you might want to attend for your PhD.

So how do I find these REUs?  We are in the process of accumulating opportunities and posting them on this website, so please visit us again.  In the meantime, feel free to do an Internet search using your major and the term “REU”.

Why else is this a good thing?  It is a very cool answer to the following scenario:

Them: “What are you doing this summer?”

You: “Nothing…well, besides a two month research project at the University of Michigan where they pay for housing and food and I get a small stipend.”

Them: (silent amazement)

We will be hosting a program on searching for REUs in November. 

Please ask your advisor about REUs.  And mention this blog.   We need to know you are reading this.

Nick Valentino

About the Author


Nick Valentino

Nick Valentino is a Senior Academic Advisor at the Kearns Center.  He has been at the Kearns Center for over 3 years and has been at UR since 2007.

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