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Pipeline Mentoring Project

The Pipeline Mentoring Project connects graduate students of color, current undergraduates of color and first-generation students as they navigate toward successfully completing their degrees and look ahead to further study or work after graduation.  Through this Pipeline Project, grad students act as a listening ear and resource for undergraduates as they contemplate what life will be like and what they hope to do once the degree is in hand. This is truly a mentoring program in the old-fashioned sense of the word “mentoring.”  It is not a networking program—so there is no need to match with a mentor or mentee based solely on professional goals.  The “pipeline” part of the Pipeline Mentoring Project is really to help undergraduate students see past graduation as the ultimate goal to envision whatever may be next on the horizon.  Pipeline mentors will be on hand to discuss what their undergraduate years were like, their successes and the challenges they overcame.  They will help undergrads think through their situations and strategize.  Our mentors are not academic advisors or therapists, rather they can be thought of as resources for the journey.  These mentors may very well become good friends and companions along the path to success.

New Participants:
We hope you consider being a part of the Pipeline Mentoring Project.  If you would like to apply for the program please fill out our form by clicking here.  Your application to be a Mentee or Mentor will be reviewed promptly and the Kearns Center will contact you with details about the program.

Former Participants:
If you have previously enrolled in the Pipeline Mentoring Project, we ask that you submit a new application for the 2013-2014 academic year. To complete your application please click here.  We will ask who you were paired with previously and then ask you to state your preference: keep your current mentor/mentee or have a new person assigned.

Upcoming Events:

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