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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is some important information on mailings and deadlines as well as some of the most frequently asked questions and answers from incoming students!


Enrollment packet - Contains your final grade report, meal plan selection, residential life agreement, health history form, religious preference form, disability information form, and new student matriculation information - Mid-to-Late May

*Orientation and pre-registration information mailing - Contains your First-Year Academic Handbook as well as information on URfoot, Teen and Sibling Orientation, Parent Orientation, and Orientation Online - Mid June

Residential Life:
Housing Assignment - Contains information on your room, roommate, Residential Advisor (RA), and more - Mid July

Move In - Contains information specific to move in day (August 21 for International students, August 23 for all others) - Early August

*Electronic copy only will be sent to international students.


Admissions Deadlines:Received in the enrollment packet mailing

Orientation Deadlines:
Teen and Sibling Orientation Registration - July 27
Orientation Online- July 28
Parent Orientation Registration - Date coming soon (On-site registration available move-in day)

Other Deadlines:
Rising Leader Program Application due - Mid July


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Q: Where can I live on-campus in my first year?
A: As an incoming first-year student, you'll be living on either the Residential Quad (in either Gilbert, Hoeing, or Tiernan halls) or on the Hill (in either Susan B. Anthony or Genesee halls). These are all in Residential Group 1.

Q: What will be in my room? What should I bring from home?
A: In each room is a bed with a mattress, a desk, a chair, a bookcase, a three-drawer dresser, closet space, one wastebasket, and window coverings. As far as what you should bring, that will largely be determined by your individual preference. For more information on what to bring and what is provided for you in your room, feel free to take a look at this Residential Life page.

Q: Is there a housing deposit?
A: No.

Q: When do I get my room assignment and find out my roommate?
A: Housing assignments are mailed out in mid to late July.

Q: Will my residence hall have wireless Internet access?
A: Yes.

Q: Will there be upperclassmen on my hall?
A: Residential Advisors (RAs), Freshman Fellows, and D'Lions are all upperclassmen who will be living on your floor to help you with a wide variety of issues. RAs are great resources if you have any questions. They help to establish a sense of community, interpret University policy and assist in its enforcement. Freshman Fellows are there for you to ask academic questions and will be your go-to students if you have any questions about registration or other class related questions. D'Lions are the spirit epicenter of the hall focused on student involvement- they decorate the hall, host fun programming, and are generally awesome.


Q: What is declining? What are meal passes?
A: Declining is money included in each meal plan that can only be spent on food on-campus in any of Dining Service's retail facilities. Passes may be used at Danforth, Douglass, or Eastman dining centers.

Q: Is declining different than URos?
A: Yes, they are two separate things. See below for what URos are.

Q: What dining options will I have on-campus?
A: The three main dining stations on River Campus are Danforth, Douglass, and the Commons. Danforth is located in Sue B., has many stations where you may get unlimited food, and is accessible by either pass or declining. Douglass is located above the bookstore next to Wilson Commons, has many stations where you may get unlimited food, and is accessible by either pass or declining. The Commons is located in Wilson Commons on the first floor, contains many separate food stations where you may purchase a meal with declining. The Commons does not accept passes, but Douglass and Danforth do. Other options include Connections, Pura Vida, Starbucks, Hillside Market, the Meliora restaurant, and the Eastman Dining center.

Q: What are my meal plan options?
A: If you are living in Residential Group 1, which includes Tiernan, Gilbert, Susan B. Anthony, Genessee, Hoeing, and Lovejoy for your first-year, then you will be able to choose from the Meliora Unlimited Pass Plan, the Blue Unlimited Pass Plan, and the 150 Pass Plan. The Meliora and Blue pass plans both contain unlimited passes while the 150 pass has, surprisingly, 150 passes.


Q: When is Orientation?
A: New Student Orientation begins August 23rd and runs until the first day of class which is August 30th. 

Q: What is Orientation?
A: Orientation is the week prior to the start of classes where incoming students will be introduced to others, the University, and the surrounding community.

Q: What will I do during orientation week?
A: Orientation week is designed to kickstart your college career. You'll be quickly integrated into all facets of college life through academic programming, fun social events, and a wide variety of other programs. You'll have the opportunity to learn more about the University, the choices available for you here academically, professionally, and socially, and you'll get to make many new friends! When you arrive, you'll receive the full-and-complete orientation week schedule to guide you through you first week on campus.

Q: Orientation is an entire week? My friends only had a few days in the middle of summer.
A: At the University of Rochester, we've found that having all students on campus for the week prior gives everyone the opportunity to meet more people, learn about University offerings more efficiently, and provides an overall better experience.

Q:Will I register for classes during orientation week?
A: Yes! First you will have a meeting with your pre-major adviser on August 24 and 25. In this meeting your adviser will help you plan out your classes for the semester. Registration will open on August 26. Remember to ask a peer-advisor or Freshman Fellows on your hall for help with registration if you're confused.

Q: Is it okay if I miss a few days in orientation?
A: No. If you miss the first few days you will be missing necessary meetings, programs, and events ensuring a smooth transition to college and your academic career. If you absolutely need to miss it for medical or other reasons, please email ''.

Q:What is Wilson Day?
A: Wilson Day is an annual day of community service for new and incoming University of Rochester students. Students will be transported in large groups to dozens of sites throughout the city completing meaningful projects at educational and non-profit organizations. At the end of the day students will have the opportunity to browse a community service fair while enjoying ice cream treats provided by the librarians of Rush Rhees Library. Wilson Day is a proud tradition at the University of Rochester and will be celebrating it 26 year of helping to make Rochester “ever better” each year.


Q: What is Blackboard?

A: Blackboard is a great resource for students to keep track of their classes, grades, and many other academic issues. Blackboard will be available for incoming students by June 11.

Q: What is a cluster?
A: A cluster is a group of three academically related classes that fall into one of the three fields of study: humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. You must complete at least a cluster in each field of study; your major will satisfy at least one of these. For some more information on clusters you can visit the College Center for Advising Services (CCAS) website, make an appointment with one of their skilled counselors, or search online via the cluster search engine. The University of Rochester offers over 200 clusters, there is sure to be one for you!

Q: Are there any required classes?
A: The only required class for all majors which is writing. Students can take one of a variety of courses to complete the primary writing requirement.

Q: Help! I'm freaking out because I didn't get into WRT 105 my first semester!
A: Don't worry, only half of the incoming class can take their writing class the first semester.

Q: What if I don't know my major?
A: That's fine, many other people in your class are undecided or will change their major. You do not have to officially declare your major until second semester Sophomore year.

Q: What if I want to change my major?
A: As a student, you do not need to officially declare your major until Sophomore year and no incoming students have officially declared yet. Therefore, it is okay for incoming students to change their major as many times as they like!

Q: Will I get credit for my Advanced Placement (AP) classes I took during high school?
A: Check out the CCAS Adviser's Handbook for your specific class. You may or may not depending on the class and your score on the exam.

Q: I'm planning on taking foreign language next semester. What level course should I sign up for?
A: To determine where you start off in a foreign language the Modern Languages and Cultures department offers language specific placement exams. Check out their website for more details.

Q: When is registration?
A: First you will have a meeting with your pre-major adviser on August 27. In this meeting your adviser will help you plan out your classes for the semester. Registration will open on August 29 in the late afternoon. Remember to ask the Freshman Fellows on your hall for help with registration if you're confused.

Student Life:

Q: How do I get involved on campus?
A: With over 200 clubs and organizations, there are many opportunities to become involved. On September 8th there will be the Activities Fair where many student organizations showcase what they do and inform everyone of how to join. With organizations ranging from academic honor societies, class councils, cultural organizations, club sports, performing and fine arts groups, religious organizations, and student government, there is a wide variety of opportunities to get involved!

Q: I'm interested in getting a job on campus, what should I do?
A: On August 29, there will be a jobs fair on campus. At this many potential on campus employers will be looking for incoming students to hire. Some require experience, most do not. Some are work study, some are not. There are a ton of different types of jobs as well. You'll have lots of opportunity to work (and make money!) if you want to.

Q: I'm interested in joining Greek life, but I don't know much about fraternities and sororities at the University of Rochester. Is there any more information about these?

A: A good place to start is Fraternity and Sorority Affairs. Every fraternity and sorority also has a page on the Campus Community Connection with information about the group. First-Year students are eligible to join an organization starting their second semester. Each governing council (Panhellenic Association, Multicultural Greek Council, and Interfraternity Council) will share additional information about recruitment (often called “rushing” or “rush”) in the spring.

Q: How will I know about upcoming events?
A: The main page of the Campus Community Connection is continually updated with upcoming events and activities and you'll periodically receive emails about weekend events and other noteworthy programming. Student organizations also typically advertise their own events through posting flyers on campus and through social media.


Q: What is my student ID?
A: Your student ID is the 8 digit number which is important during your time here. They usually start with 2 or 3 and it is of the format 2xxxxxxxx or 3xxxxxxx. This is not the same as your net ID.

Q: What is my net ID?
A: Your net ID, also called your username, will be associated with your email. These are a maximum of 8 characters and are typically formatted with the first letter of your first name followed by your last name. This is not the same as your student ID.

Q: How do I set up my net ID?
A: Go to and enter your student ID and birth date. Follow the rest of the instructions and you should be good to go!

Q: What are URos?
A: URos (previously called Flex) is a spending account which can be used for a wide variety of services on campus - including purchasing items at the bookstore, food, and laundry - as well as at select places off campus, such as Chipotle.

Q: When do I pay my tuition?
A: You will receive an email during the summer with information about paying your bursar bill.

Q: What banks are on campus?
A: For banking, there is a JPMorgan Chase branch on campus as well as ATMs for both Chase and Advantage Federal Credit Union.

Q: How much does laundry cost? How do I pay?
A: It costs $2.50 to use the washer and the dryer is free. This can be paid with either quarters or URos (URos recommended for convenience reasons).

Q: What's the weather like in Rochester?
A: Weather in Rochester can be pretty variable. We've had years where we get feet of snow in the winter and others where it has barely dropping into freezing. The best suggestion is to be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best.

Q: What retail options are there around Rochester?
A: There are quite a few places to shop around Rochester and our awesome friends over at the International Services Office have compiled a very comprehensive list outlining many of your options.

Q: How do I get around Rochester while living on campus?
A: The University bus service offers rides to many locations in Rochester, such as Eastman and Pittsford Plaza. The University also hosts a number of Zipcars that students may purchase the right to use whenever they are available. You can also rent bicycles! While on-campus getting from class to class, nearly all students walk as the walk across campus is less than 15 minutes.

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