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Philosophy Placement Record

The University of Rochester has an excellent record of placing its PhD degree holders in academic jobs. To provide prospective students with an indication of our past success, we here provide records covering recent years of PhD degree holders. In the table below we provide the following information about each person who has received the PhD degree in Philosophy from the University of Rochester from 2003 to 2015: area of the dissertation (not necessarily the same as the person's areas of specialization), year when the degree was received, and current employment, if known. An entry of "No Data" in this last column indicates that we do not know the employment status of the person in question.

We caution that although this data is complete and accurate to the best of our knowledge, we cannot guarantee that there are no errors or omissions. The department would appreciate knowing of any needed corrections to this information. Potential students should also recognize that past results are not a guarantee of future results.

Area of DissertationYear of GraduationEmployment
Epistemology 2015 Adjunct Professor, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
Ethics 2015 Lecturer, University of Rochester
Epistemology 2015 Fellowship, Baylor University
Metaphysics 2014 No Data
Epistemology 2014 No Data
Epistemology 2013 No Data
Metaphysics/Epistemology 2013 University of Wisconsin, Osh Kosh / Visiting Assistant Professor
Epistemology 2012 University of Alabama Birmingham / Assistant Professor (TT)
Ancient Philosophy 2012 Hobart and William Smith College / Assistant Professor (TT)
Epistemology 2012 Malone College / Assistant Professor (TT)
Metaphysics 2012 Pursuing law degree
Philosophy of Language 2011 No Data
Philosophy of Mind 2011 No Data
Epistemology 2010 University of North Florida / Assistant Professor (TT)
Epistemology 2010 University of Findlay / Assistant Professor (TT)
Ancient Philosophy 2010 Centre College / Assistant Professor (TT)
Ethics 2010 Finger Lakes Community College / Part Time Humanities Faculty Member
Metaphysics 2010 Test Specialist, Law School Admissions Council
Epistemology 2009 Baylor University / Assistant Professor (TT)
Modern Philosophy 2009 University of Montevallo / Assistant Professor (TT)
Metaphysics 2009 Onondaga Community College / Associate Professor
Epistemology 2009 Albion College / Assistant Professor (TT)
Metaphysics 2009 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Assistant Professor (TT)
Ethics 2008 Monroe Community College / Associate Professor
Ethics 2008 Lawyer, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Philosophy of Language 2007 University of Manitoba / Associate Professor
Epistemology/Ethics 2006 SUNY Fredonia / Associate Professor
Epistemology/Philosophy of Mind 2005 Marist College / Associate Professor
Ancient Philosophy 2005 State University of New York at Geneseo / Associate Professor
Epistemology/Ethics 2005 Morehouse College / Assistant Professor (TT)
Epistemology 2003 California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo / Associate Professor