All the Posts and Podcasts for “The Invented Part” Two Month Review

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and here it is: A single Word document collecting all the posts about The Invented Part along with all of the Two Month Review podcasts.

What I did was list every single essay with a link to the corresponding podcast, followed by the complete interview that Will Vanderhyden did with Fresán, followed by a simple list of all eleven podcasts with the names of the guests.

It’s a mere 73 pages long, and—I hope—is really helpful in understanding the first book in Fresán’s mind-blowing trilogy. There’s some solid analysis in here, some clues for helping you get through the more challenging sections, and lots of jokes. This is one of the books that I read this year that helped keep alive my love of literature and what it can do.

And the guests on the eleven podcast episodes were incredible! Mark Binelli, Jonathan Lethem, Rachel Cordasco, Jeremy Garber, Tom Flynn, Tom Roberge, Valerie Miles, Will Vanderhyden, and Fresán himself all came on to talk about this novel.

So if you haven’t read the book already, or if you want to teach it in your class (hint, hint), please download this document and use it as a sort of spirited, non-academic reading guide. With audio. Reading guide plus audio. Man, it almost does sound like a class . . .


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