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Undergraduate Research in the Public Health-Related Programs


Undergraduates often carry out research in Public Health-Related Programs as an independent study course, or as part of a senior project or honors thesis. 

How to get started:

Pursue appropriate coursework and do well in classes. Students interested in an independent study course should first complete the core requirements for the major as well as any related preliminary courses in their area of interest. Students interested in pursuing these opportunities should speak to a faculty member whose research expertise is most closely aligned with their interests.

Examples of Recent Undergraduate Independent Study Course Research Projects:

Immigrant Health in America

Health & Hyrdofracking

Exploring Fetal Origins

Field Work Methods

Epidemiology of Drug Abuse

Worksite Wellness Initiative

Health Action Smoke-Free Campus

Center for Community Health

MEHG & Child Development

Social & Behavioral Health

Advanced Topics in Public Health

Behavior in the Workforce

Childhood Obesity Research

Health Policy and Obesity

Pregnancy Intention in Teens

Tobacco Use in the Caribbean

Congressional Campaign Internship*

Stress & Social Support*

*Internship Independent Study courses

 Recently Completed Senior Research Honors projects include:

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