National Conference on Undergraduate Research—Application Information

Please note: the research you'd like to present at NCUR may have taken place anywhere; it is not necessary that it was done at or even through the UR.  Likewise, your letter of support may come from either UR faculty or your research advisor with whom you worked (wherever that may have been).

There is a two-stage process to apply to attend NCUR. The first stage consists of sending a proposal to the Office of Undergraduate Research. This proposal is evaluated and used to seek funding for the trip. If your proposal is of reasonable quality and there are funds to support the trip, you will be requested to send an abstract to NCUR. In this second stage of selection, the NCUR organizing committee will review all abstracts sent to them and notify students selected to give talks/posters. At that point, the detailed planning of the trip begins.

Procedure to apply to attend NCUR:

Download the Proposal Template and fill it out electronically. Send the modified file and a brief CV as attachments to with the subject line “NCUR proposal – your name here”. This file must be received before midnight on October 31st for your proposal to be considered.

Request your faculty (research) advisor to send a letter of support separately to Tell them that through this letter the Office of Undergraduate Research seeks a brief evaluation as to the suitability of this work to be presented in the context of an undergraduate research conference. Kindly request your faculty (research) advisor to send their letter of support to the Office of Undergraduate Research before midnight on October 31st.

Applications with a filled-out proposal file, a CV and a letter of support from a faculty (research) advisor will be considered complete.

All students with complete applications will be notified about the status of their proposal by November 15th. This determines whether or not the Office of Undergraduate Research will support their trip to NCUR if their abstract submission to the conference is successful. Students with successful proposals in this first stage will be encouraged to submit an abstract to the NCUR conference. The NCUR organizing committee will review these abstracts and select those they wish to present at the conference. Abstract submissions to the NCUR conference must be in by December 4th.