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Faculty Artist Series - Russell Miller, piano

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  • Location:
    Eastman East Wing Hatch Recital Hall
  • Date:
    Wednesday, October 2, 2013
  • Time:
    8:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Event Description

Julia Broxholm, soprano

Prelude in B minor                                                                  J.S. Bach

from the Little Clavier Book for Wilhelm Friedemann Bach                     

Concert-Transcription by Alexander Siloti               


Kreisleriana, Op.16                                                   Robert Schumann

            I.            Äußerst bewegt

                  II.            Sehr innig und nicht zu rasch/sehr lebhaft/etwas bewegter

                III.            Sehr aufgeregt

                IV.            Sehr langsam

                  V.            Sehr lebhaft

                VI.            Sehr langsam

              VII.            Sehr rasch

            VIII.            Schnell und spielend




“Epitaphs and Elegies”

Epitaph of a Young Girl                                        Richard Hundley

Mistress Hew from Three Epitaphs                     Theodore Chanler

from Poor Richard:                                                Ross Lee Finney

#1, Epitaph

#2, Here Skugg Lies

#6, Epitaph on a Talkative Old Maid

Isaac Greentree                                                                   Hundley


Julia Broxholm, soprano


The Soul Fox (David Mason)                                            Lori Laitman

New York premiere 

                       I.            The Man Who Lied

                     II.            Sarong Song

                   III.            Aubade

                   IV.            Night Song

                    V.            The Soul Fox


Julia Broxholm, soprano 


Dreaming                                                                                  Laitman 


Julia Broxholm, soprano 


8 pm – Hatch Recital Hall 


Single Tickets: $10 general admission (free to U/R ID holders)
Sold at the door one hour before concert start time. Subject to availability.


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