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  • Location:
    Eastman School, Kilbourn Hall
  • Date:
    Wednesday, October 9, 2013
  • Time:
    8:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Event Description

Ossia is an entirely student-run organization functioning under the Institute for Music Leadership. The group produces professional-quality concerts of contemporary music, and in so doing, helps the student members learn the musical and entrepreneurial skills needed to mount successful performances.



Etwas Ruhiger im Ausdruck (1966)                          Franco Donatoni



                                       Madison Greenstone, bass clarinet

                                       Zach Sheets, bass flute

                                       Shannon Reilly, violin

                                       Ben Fried, cello

                                       Yun-Shan Ma, conductor



Impulse (1985)                                                        Luca Francesconi

                                                                                               (b. 1956)


                                       Sammy Lesnick, clarinet

                                       Shannon Reilly, violin

                                       Joel Balzun, piano

act(u)tus (2013)                                              Theocharis Papatrechas


                                                                                              (b. 1988)

                                       World Premiere

                                       Turi Scilipoti, flute

                                       Mary Fortino, clarinet

                                       See Hee Min, Kim Durflinger, violin

                                       Ben Pochily, viola

                                       Nadine Sherman, cello

                                       Charlie Pokorny, double bass

                                       Wei-Han Wu, piano

                                       Nikki Joshi, percussion

                                       Chaowen Ting, conductor


Domenica alla periferia                                             Fausto Romitelli

dell’impero (1995-1996, 2000)                                       (1963-2004)


            Prima domenica

            Seconda domenica: hommage à Gérard Grisey


                                       Emlyn Johnson, flute

                                       Madison Greenstone, clarinet

                                       Jeremy Potts, violin

                                       Dan Ketter, cello

                                       Daniel Pesca, piano

                                       Chaowen Ting, conductor

Anahit (1965)                                                              Giacinto Scelsi



                                       Hanna Hurwitz, solo violin

                                       Zach Osinski, Sho Kato, Perry Emerson, flute

                                       Erin Lensing, English horn

                                       Sammy Lesnick, Mary Fortino, clarinet

                                       Daniel Brottman, Hannah Swayze, horn

                                       Bailey Paugh, trumpet

                                       Matt Kowalski, Jimmy Robbins, trombone

                                       Tyler Weissner, tenor saxophone

                                       Ben Pochily, Christiana Reader, viola

                                       Dustin Seo, Andrew Barnhart, cello

                                       Andrew O’Connor, Eli Uttal-Veroff, double bass

                                       Boon Hua Lien, conductor

This event is free and open to the public.

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