Date Range


Guest recital - Iktus Percussion

  • Eastman School Ray Wright Room
  • Friday, October 4, 2013
  • 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Event Description


Otik -Hiroya Miura
     Josh Perry, Piero Guimaraes, and Chris Graham

Durat(A)ions - Jason Buchanan
     Josh Perry, Piero Guimaraes, Chris Graham and Cory Bracken

Rrrrr - Mauricio Kagel
- Ranz de Vaches - Cory Bracken and Piero Guimaraes
- Railroad Drama - Josh Perry and Piero Guimaraes
- Rim Shots and Co. - Josh Perry and Chris Graham
- Rutscher - Piero Guimaraes and Chris Graham

Brain Change - Levy Lorenzo
     Josh Perry, Piero Guimaraes, Cory Bracken and Chris Graham

REAL ADULT (PG-13) - Cory Bracken
     Cory Bracken


Eastman is proud to host concerts presented by world-renowned artists.

This concert is $10 general admission, free to UR ID holders.

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General Information for ESM Concerts:
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