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Senate Committees 2017-2018

Senate Executive Committee

Jean Bidlack, SMD, 2018
Eldred Chimowitz, AS&E, 2019
Mary Jane Curry, Warner, 2019 (Co-Chair)
Kevin McFarland, AS&E, 2018 (Co-Chair)
LaRon Nelson, SON, 2019
Anne Nofziger, SMD, 2018 (Secretary)
Michael Scott, AS&E, 2018
Dena Swanson, Warner, 2018


Ex Officio Members

Joel Seligman, President
Rob Clark, Provost
Maggie Kearney, University Dean of Graduate Studies
John Givens, Chair, AS&E Faculty Council
Henry Klumpenhouwer, ESM Representative
Sarah Kerns, Chair, Medical Faculty Council
Lisa Norsen, Chair, SON Faculty Council
Avi Seidmann, Simon Representative
Nate Harris, Member, Warner Steering Committee

University Committee on Tenure and Privilege

See Faculty Senate Charter for Committee Charge.

Andrew Jordan, Physics & Astronomy, AS&E, 2018
Tatiana Pasternak, Neruoscience, SMD, 2018
Roger Freitas, Musicology, ESM, 2019
Kevin McFarland, Physics & Astronomy, AS&E, 2018 (Senate Liaison)
Irfan Rahman, Environmental Medicine, SMD, 2019
Hyekyun Rhee, Nursing, SON, 2019
David Hursh, Teaching & Curriculum, Warner, 2020
Phil Lederer, Business Operations, Simon, 2020
Joseph Eberly, Physics & Astronomy, AS&E, 2020

Elections Committee

Seth Monahan, Music Theory, ESM, December 2017
Anne Nofziger, Family Medicine, SMD, December 2017
Randy Stone, Political Science, AS&E, December 2017
Michael Scott, Computer Science, AS&E, June 2018 (Senate Liaison)

Faculty Benefits Committee

Faculty Benefits Committee Charge

Eldred Chimowitz, Chemical Engineering, AS&E, December 2017 (Senate Liaison through June 2018)
Jean Bidlack, Pharmacology & Physiology, SMD, December 2017
Jean Pedersen, History, ESM, 2018
Lynda Watts Powell, Political Science, AS&E, December 2018
Jeremy Jamieson, Clinical & Social Psychology, AS&E, December 2019 (Co-Chair)
Lisa Norsen, SON, December 2019
Adrienne Bonham, Obstetrics & Gynecology, SMD, December 2019 (Co-Chair)

Faculty Budget Committee

Faculty Budget Committee Charge

Diane Dalecki, Biomedical Engineering, AS&E, December 2017 (Chair)
Karen Stein, SON, December 2017
Cliff Smith, Simon, December 2018
James VanDeMark, Strings, ESM, December 2018 (Vice Chair)
Harry Reis, Clinical & Social Psychology, AS&E, December 2019
Kathryn Douthit, Counseling & Human Development, Warner, December 2019
Megan Baumgart, Medicine, SMD, December 2019 (Vice Chair)
Jean Bidlack, Pharmacology & Physiology, SMD, June 2018 (ex officio Senate Liaison)
Rob Clark, ex officio, Provost
Holly Crawford, ex officio, Sr. Vice President of Administration and Finance, Chief Financial Officer

Research Policy Committee

Research Policy Committee Charge

Wayne Knox, Optics, Hajim School of Engineering, December 2017
Vincent Silenzio, Psychiatry, SMD, December 2017
Ying Xue, Nursing, SON, December 2017
David Temperley, Music Theory, ESM, December 2018
John Tarduno, Earth & Environmental Sciences, School of Arts & Sciences, December 2018
Valentina Kutyifa, Medicine, SMD, December 2018 (Chair)
Kara Finnigan, Educational Leadership, Warner, December 2019
Dan Watson, Physics & Astronomy, School of Arts & Sciences, December 2019
Gloria Pryhuber, Pediatrics, SMD, December 2019
Dena Swanson, Counseling & Human Development, Warner, June 2018 (Senate Liaison)
Kim Arcoleo, ex officio, Associate Dean for Research, SON
Rob Clark, ex officio, Provost
Steve Dewhurst, ex officio, Vice Dean for Research, URMC
Gunta Liders, ex officio, Associate VP for Research & Project Administration, ORPA
Liz Milavec, ex officio, Associate VP for Financial Operations & University Controller
David Williams, ex officio, Dean for Research, AS&E

Academic Affairs Committee

Academic Affairs Committee Charge

To Be Announced

Ethical Investment Advisory Committee

Ethical Investment Advisory Committee Charge

To Be Announced


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