University of Rochester

Senate Members 2015 to 2017

Executive Committee
Nicholas Bigelow - Co-Chair, 275-4344
Andrew Wall - Co-Chair, 275-8089
Michael Scott - Secretary, 275-7745
Bilal Ahmed, 341-6776
Loisa Bennetto, 275-8712
Jean Bidlack, 275-5600
Carmala Garzione, 273-4572
Irena Pesis-Katz, 276-4036

Ex officio Members:
Joel Seligman, President
Peter Lennie, Provost
Maggie Kearney, University Dean of Graduate Studies
Harry Groenevelt, Simon
Joyce McDonough, Former SEC Co-Chair, AS&E
Joan Rubin, Chair, AS&E Faculty Council
Karen Stein, Chair, School of Nursing Faculty Council
Tim Scheie, Eastman School of Music
Julie Ryan, Chair, Medical Faculty Council

Terms Expire 2015
Yousaf Ali, Medicine, SMD
Nicholas Bigelow, Physics & Astronomy, AS&E
Carmala Garzione*, Earth & Env. Sciences, AS&E
Susan Gustafson*, Modern Lang. & Cultures, AS&E
David Hursh*, WARNER
Philip Katzman, Pathology & Labortory Medicine, SMD
Stephanie Li, English, AS&E
Elizabeth Marvin, Music Theory, ESM
Kevin McFarland*, Physics & Astronomy, AS&E

Roger Oskvig*, Medicine, Highland Hospital, SMD
Joan Rubin, History, AS&E
Michael Scott*, Computer Science, AS&E
Judith Smetana, Clinical & Social Psychology, AS&E
Karen Stein, SON
Lois Travis, Radiation Oncology, SMD

Terms Expire 2016
Bilal Ahmed*, Medicine-Highland Hospital, SMD
Jean Bidlack, Pharmacology & Physiology, SMD
Eldred Chimowitz, Chemical Engineering, AS&E
Joseph Eberly, Physics & Astronomy, AS&E
Roger Freitas*, Musicology, ESM
Krystel Huxlin*, Ophthalmology, SMD
James Johnson, Political Science, AS&E
Steve McAleavey, Biomedical Engineering, AS&E
Jean Pedersen*, Humanities, ESM
Irena Pesis-Katz, Nursing, SON
Jeffrey Runner, AS&E
Christopher Stodgell*, Obstetrics & Gynecology, SMD
Melissa Sturge-Apple*, Clicial & Social Psychology, AS&E
Dena Swanson, Counseling & Human Dev., Warner
John Tarduno*, Earth & Environmental Science, AS&E

Terms Expire 2017
Michael Anderson, Musicology, ESM
Paul Brookes*, Anesthesiology, SMD
Mary Jane Curry, Teaching & Curriculum, Warner
Richard Demme*, Medicine and Humanities, SMD
Sandhya Dwarkadas*, Computer Science, AS&E
Thomas Eickbush*, Biology, AS&E
Harry Groenevelt*, Business Administration, Simon
Beth Jorgensen, Modern Languages & Cultures, AS&E
Daniel Mendelson*, Medicine-Highland Hospital, SMD
Tatiana Pasternak*, Neurobiology, SMD
Lizabeth Romanski, Neurobiology & Anatomy, SMD
Gaurav Sharma, Electrical & Computer Engineering, AS&E
Mark Shelly, Medicine-HH, SMD
Randall Stone, Political Science, AS&E
Jackie Williams*, Environmental Medicine, SMD

* Serving second consecutive term - ineligible for reelection

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