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Quality Assurance (QA) Services

The key service provided by the Quality Assurance Team is support for testing efforts across University IT. This includes support for functional testing, performance testing, and regression testing (manual and automated).

Functional Testing

Functional testing activities are supported by providing tools and techniques used to develop and execute test strategies, test plans, and test scripts.

Performance Testing

Testing an application's ability to scale or handle periods of extreme load is one of the functions of this team. This testing involves understanding the performance goals of a system, developing a test strategy and executing the test. Performance testing can also be used to optimize performance.

Regression Testing

Functionality testing is an activity supported by the Quality Assurance Team. If certain criteria are met, then testing may be automated in order to provide greater efficiency in execution and to reduce the manual overhead on the application support team. 

Usability Testing

Usability testing measures the quality of users' experience when interacting with a service or application. Faculty, staff, or students on all campuses may volunteer to participate in a usability session.

Usability practitioners on any campus may recruit from the pool of volunteers. Volunteers are managed with distribution lists. Contact the IT Help Desk at or (585) 275-2000 to become an approved sender to the distribution lists.

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