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Forwarding Your Email

You can have or automatically forward your electronic mail to another Internet account.

Warning: If you elect to forward your mail automatically, you must make sure that you don't create a loop. If your mail is forwarded to some other place that eventually forwards it back to mail or troi, it will create an infinite loop and the systems people of both machines will be very unhappy with you. Avoid using multiple .forward files.

Notice: users can now forward their email online. If the link doesn't work, or if your account is on, please follow the directions below.

To forward your mail, you will need to log into your account using SSH or telnet. For instructions on how to do so, please see Connecting using SSH.

Setup Instructions

1. If you haven't already, hit return if you are at the TERM=(vt100) line.
2. At the mail% prompt, type: forward
3. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Alternatively, troi forwarding can be set up in the following manner, as well:

1. Use your favorite editor, such as "joe," or "pico", to create a file in your home directory named ".forward". At the mail% or troi% prompt, type one of the following:

"joe ~/.forward"
"pico ~/.forward"

2. In this file, type in the email address that you want your mail forwarded to. For example, to forward your mail to a Google Gmail account named JoeUser, you'd type "" in the file.

3. Save the file and leave the editor (in 'joe' type Control-K then X; in 'pico' type Control-X). From now on until you remove the .forward file, your mail will be automatically forwarded.

Note: You will NOT receive a copy of the mail in your mail or troi mailbox.

To cancel automatic forwarding, remove the .forward file by typing the following command at the mail% or troi% prompt:

rm ~/.forward


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