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Quarterly Cellular Audit Notification


Business Managers and Department Administrators:

University departments are being asked to monitor cellular costs on a regular basis. University IT has developed a quarterly report for departments to use when they are auditing their monthly statements. The report provides departments with detailed information on the cellular devices assigned to their ledgers and the corresponding plans.

The information contained in the report includes the division, department, ledger/subcode, mobile number, carrier, the plan description for voice, data, text, and other features (insurance, push to talk, etc.), and the monthly charge. The report also provides totals for wireless number, ledger, and department.

Cell Audit example

* Please be advised we are on pool plans with both our cellular carriers ATT and Verizon and adjust voice plans quarterly depending on usage. Our ATT iphone account will be moved to a pool plan effective June 2010. Currently, the ATT discount on voice and data plans is 20% and the Verizon discount on voice plans is 22% with blackberry and PDA unl data plans at $20/month.

Below are some reminders that you can share with users on how to avoid unnecessary cellular costs:

  1. When planning to travel abroad update your voice and data plan to an international plan. Call University IT to update your University device to an international unlimited data plan before traveling. Below are links to both ATT and Verizon web sites for more details on international plans:

For more information regarding ATT international plans visit their website
For information regarding Verizon international plans visit their website

  1. DO NOT tether with your data device unless you are on a tethering plan.  Tethering connects your cellular device to your computer and allows you to use the cellular network to connect to the internet. Tethering plans average $15/month in addition to the monthly data plan. Tethering a device without a tethering plan can result in exorbitant charges.
  1. STOP making 411 calls for directory assistance. Instead use Google FREE service at 1-800-466-4411 or Free Directory Assistance at 1-800-373-3411 (411 calls can cost up to $1.79 per call).
  2. Monitor texting closely.¬† If users in your department do not have text plans they should not be using the service unless they have a way of monitoring their messages manually.  Monitor text messaging closely on your monthly usage charges. Text messages can cost up to $.50 per message.

If you have any questions regarding this information or need to make changes to any cellular device plans, please contact University IT at 275-2000 or email  Thank you.