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Security Tip of the Week

Top 10 Ways to Keep Yourself Secure


We recommend you use these tips to help keep your information and data safe online:  

  1. Install antivirus software - Install the University's FREE antivirus software, available to all students, faculty, and staff.  Download at
  2. Keep your computer updated - Keep your computer's software up to date including your anti-spyware.  Further information is available at
  3. Create strong passwords - Create strong passwords that combine at least eight characters including letters, numbers, and symbols.  Additional information, including a password strength checker, is available at
  4. Log off public computers - When using a public area computer, be sure to completely log off when you are finished using it.
  5. Back up important information - Make backup copies of your important computer data, store them securely, and consider storing extra copies at another location.  Further information about backing up data is available at
  6. Keep personal information safe - Never respond to emails asking you to disclose any personal information.  The University will never email you asking for your personal information including your user ID and password.
  7. Limit social network information - Protect your social networking presence, such as on Facebook, by limiting the disclosed amount of personal identifying information.  Check this page for some additional Do's and Don'ts about social networking
  8. Download files legally - Avoid peer-to-peer (P2P) networks and remove any file-sharing clients already installed on your system.  Copyright and file-sharing information is available here
  9. Lock your computer - When leaving your computer unattended, physically secure it to prevent theft and lock the screen with a password to safeguard data.
  10. Secure your mobile device - Secure your mobile device with a password or PIN.  Set an inactivity timeout and encrypt.  One of our past tips, Mobile Device Security - Best Practices, can be found here

This tip can be printed and used as a poster within your area by clicking here

Do you have ideas that should be shared as security tips of the week? If so, please send them to