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Security Tip of the Week

Toner Cartridge Scam


The University has seen an increase in the number of toner cartridge phone phishing scams.  With this scam, departments are contacted asking to update their shipping and copier model number information.  With this information the scammer then ships and bills you for toner.  Often, these firms will use the name of an executive in their quest to get a machine model number and to have an order shipped.

You should not provide this information to a caller from a company that you do not know.  Your usual supplier has all the account information needed to provide what you need. 

Ask the caller for his/her name and phone number in order to call back. This request will often result in a hang-up or a revised story from the caller. DO NOT sign and return any order forms faxed to your department by an unfamiliar company.

Please view our Phishing Awareness Video for further tips on how to avoid being phished.

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