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Catherine Browning names Florence Miller Bentley for her mission work in Iran. She taught women to read and to become teachers themselves. Ms. Bentley also endured many hardships of motherhood and survived being a woman in a man's environment. She is a graduate of Oswego Teachers College, 1908.

Marion Strand highlights Helen French for founding Alternatives for Battered Women.

Esther Leadley names Lura Sawdon Guthrie for being the first woman elected to the Board of Education at Pavilion Central School District, mid-1940s.

Germaine Knapp is inspired by her mother, Josephine D. Mueller-Gilbert, who earned three degrees in higher education after having eight children. Her legacy lives on in the higher education degrees earned by all eight of her children.

Mildred Newhall O'Laughlin highlights her mother, Marion MacLean Newhall, for being the only woman chemistry major in the University of Rochester's Class of 1911. Ms. Newhall worked at Strassenberg Laboratories, in pharmacy, to earn her tuition. She always believed that "failure is impossible."