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Student Billing Procedures for 2013-14

Students and their families view student billing statements online through UR ePAY. UR ePAY is a full service eCommerce solution providing students with “24/7” access to view electronic billing statements (eBills) and remit secure web payments.  Students also enjoy the option of providing parents and other third parties with permission to view bills and pay online.

Fall 2013 billing statements for undergraduates will be available to view online beginning July 20, 2013.  An e-mail notification will be sent to the student’s University of Rochester e-mail address when the statement is available to view. 

Students should complete items 1 and 2 below before July 10th to ensure they receive their billing statements!

  1. Log into your Blackboard account at, using your NetID and password.  Click on UR ePAY on the left-hand side.
  1. Select the “Authorize Payers” option from the menu at the left to provide parents or other third parties with the ability to view and pay the student’s bill via their own login and password.  You will be asked to create a Login Name and password.  This is a temporary password which you will need to provide to your Authorized Payer.  Please try to keep it simple, such as “july1234”.  The Authorized Payer will receive an e-mail notification with the login name and a link to UR ePAY.   Authorized payers must log into UR ePAY from the Bursar’s Office website: will be asked to log in and enter the temporary password.  Next they will enter a “new password” which is the password they will use from this point forward.  Once they are added as an Authorized Payer, they will receive monthly e-mail notification when a new billing statement is available to view.

Electronic billing is the official method of billing.  Paper bills are not mailed to students.  Students should print their UR ePAY statement if needed.  Students are responsible for viewing their billing statement online each month. 

When a new billing statement has been posted online, you will receive e-mail notification.  In UR ePAY, select “View Accounts” on the left-hand side and your current statement will be displayed.  Check the “payment due date” listed on the bill; be sure to remit payment on or before that date to avoid late fees.

Payment Options:

Electronic Check (eCheck):  In UR ePAY, select the “Make Payment” option from the menu at the left to pay your balance quickly and securely from any checking account without having to mail a check.   You will be prompted to provide the payment amount and your routing and account numbers from the bottom of your check. You will receive an e-mail confirmation documenting the transaction for your records.  Press the question mark on the PAYMENTS page if you need help locating the routing and/or account numbers, and you will see an example to assist you.

Mail a check payment:  You may submit check payments by mail, if you prefer.  All check payments must be in U.S. funds and drawn from a U.S. bank.  Check payments should be mailed to: 

University of Rochester
Bursar’s Office
330 Meliora Hall
Rochester, NY  14627-0037

Wire Transfer:  Wire transfer instructions are found on Blackboard under the MY ACCOUNTS tab.  Many international students find it is easiest to pay via wire transfer.

Other:  Students may also pay online using a credit card.  Please note that the UR ePAY vendor will charge a non-refundable 2.75% service fee for any credit card payment.  Credit card or debit card payments are not accepted at the Bursar’s Office. 

Please Note:  The billing statement in UR ePAY is a "snapshot" of the charges, credits, and anticipated credits to the student account as of a specific date.  This information is updated each time the student is billed.  The statement does not reflect changes to the account that occur daily between billing cycles. If you need a revised payment amount prior to the due date, please contact the Bursar’s Office directly:  585-275-3931 or

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