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Office of Research Accounting and Costing Standards (ORACS)

Brooks Landing Business Center
RC Box 278958
910 Genesee Street, Suite 200
Rochester, NY 14611-3847
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Assistant Controller

Jeff Sullivan(585) 275-1648

Research Accounting Managers

Terry Messenger(585)
Jonathan Peterson(585)

Senior Accountants

Rebecca Dennis(585)
Meaghan Engelbrecht(585)
Terrell Williams(585) 275-6477

Staff Accountants

Jordan Abbey(585)
Amber Baldie(585)
Alexandra Ferrarese(585)
John Marianacci(585)
Erin Schmidt(585)
Scott Walker(585)

Cost Analysts

Jim Rutalis(585)
Susan Stillman(585)

Cash/Collections/Billing Personnel

Christina DeClerck(585)275-6446
Renee Strobel(585) 275-6449
Lisa Julian(585)
Christina Van Lare(585) 

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