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- 211's/220's are due one business day before T&L approval is due – those that can be created and submitted prior to this deadline are encouraged.  220's and 211's can be obtained through HRMS.  Please refer to the UR Documentation section within HRMS for assistance with completing the 211 and 220 forms.

- 800 forms are due to Payroll by the 15th of each month to guarantee they will be reflected in that month's ledger.  Please refer to the UR Documentation section within HRMS for assistance with completing 800 forms.

- Off-Cycle Check Requests are due by 11 a.m. for a check to be produced that same day. Completed requests received by 11 a.m. will be processed that same business day available for pick-up after 4:00 pm.  Payroll will contact the requestor when the check is available for pickup.  Please note: if the off-cycle check request is for the current pay period, the check will be available on pay day.

- Check processing fee - Effective July 1, 2007, all departmental requests for off-cycle payroll checks will be charged $30 per check processed.  Off-cycle payroll checks are special pay orders that occur outside the normal payroll cycle runs.  Off-cycle checks are 'live' checks; direct deposit is not available. The individual or the departmental representative can pick up the off-cycle check with appropriate ID. Off-cycle checks will not be mailed from the Payroll Office.  Any questions, please contact the Payroll Office at 275-2040.

- Reallocations - Dollars charged to accounts incorrectly can be adjusted through an 800 form found on-line within HRMS.  Departments should ensure that distribution defaults are set up appropriately prior to the payment processing. Departmental representatives must have the appropriate security access within HRMS to create an 800 form.  Please refer to the UR Documentation section within HRMS for assistance with completing 800 forms.  All reallocations that are over three months old must have an explanation along with supporting ledgers for the time frame requested.

- Lost, missing or damaged checks – Individuals paid through Payroll are encouraged to use direct deposit.  Those that do not are issued live paychecks.  Paychecks are either delivered by UofR courier or pick up at the Payroll window by a departmental representative. Individual employees or students will not be able to pick up their own on-cycle check (or departmental checks). Only designated departmental representatives will be allowed to pick up departmental payroll envelopes.

Destroyed checks – destroyed checks must be returned to the Payroll Office.  If enough of the check can be identified one will be reissued.  A stop payment will need to be requested if the check is unrecognizable.

Missing or lost checks – every effort should be made to find a missing check.  A request to stop payment can occur for individual checks that remain missing.  The individual employee involved needs to contact Payroll to request the stop be placed on their check. Please refer to Stop Payment section below for further details.

Checks received in error - Department representatives who receive a check in error (either with delivery or due to late paperwork) please contact the Payroll Office (275-2040) as soon as possible.  Do not open or write VOID on the check.

- Stop Payments – Upon requesting a "Stop" to be placed on a payroll check, an affidavit will need to be completed and notarized.  Once the affidavit is completed and returned to Payroll, a stop will be requested for the check in question.  It will take at least three full business days to verify the stop in order to reissue a check.   The stop must occur before a check can be re-issued.

- Deductions on transfers – employees who transfer from one pay group to another (i.e. monthly to bi-weekly hourly) should review their personal deduction amounts (such as whole dollar amounts for retirement, direct deposits, and additional taxes).  Please contact the Payroll Office (275-2040) for direct deposit questions and the Benefits Office (275-2084) for questions relating to eligibility or benefit deductions.

- Final Payouts for change in status and /or benefit eligibility - According to University of Rochester policy, employee status changes due to LOA, layoff, termination or transfer to a TAR position, become ineligible for traditional vacation and PTO plans.  These accruals in accordance with HR policies. will be paid out in the pay period following the last date worked.  All final payouts are issued as live checks.  Effective 9/1/09, the Payroll Office will mail payout checks to the individual's current mailing address seen in HRMS (if no mailing address is seen the home address will be used).  Deductions will not be taken from payouts, however if there are any outstanding arrears or paybacks seen, those amounts will be recovered from the final payout check.  Departments are responsible to make sure that the final paperwork is turned in to HR in time for this to occur.

- Overpayments- Departments who determine that time was submitted in error or incorrectly where an overpayment is involved should contact the Payroll Office for assistance.   The Payroll Office will initiate notification to the employee/staff/student that has been overpaid, including a copy to the department administration.  Once a signed release is received, the Payroll Office will notify timekeeper/department administrator for any corrections needed in Time & Labor or within HRMS.  See the “Wage Overpayment Recovery Policy Statement." Note - Adjustments to Time and Labor SHOULD NOT occur until the letter is signed by the employee and returned to the Payroll Office.  Communication with Payroll and timing are crucial with these types of adjustments.  A complete copy of the new regulations can be found on the DOL’s website at:

- Payback options– Individuals can write a personal check made out to the University of Rochester for the net amount of the overpayment or can opt for payroll deduction of the gross amount within one or two paychecks.  Those requesting an alternative option can contact Payroll for assistance.

Student Awards/Prizes – Award/prize payments to students are generally issued during Commencement ceremonies and are received primarily in recognition of charitable, scientific, educational, artistic, literary or civic achievement or are received as the result of entering a contest.  Student awards are normally limited to $1000.  If the purpose of the award payment is to recognize the student for services performed as an employee, then the award should not be treated as a student award.  A student award/prize is generally taxable income to the recipient.  If required, the University will report the award to the IRS and the student on IRS Form 1099-MISC.  Please note:  All award payments processed for students who are non-resident aliens for tax purposes will be taxed at a flat rate of 30% per IRS regulations.  All student award/prize requests should be submitted to Accounts Payable on the RFP/F4 form for processing.

Staff/Faculty Awards – Award payments to staff/faculty are generally issued to recognize a staff/faculty member for some purpose unrelated to the staff/faculty member’s active employee position.  Staff/faculty award requests should be submitted on the award/prize form for staff/faculty.  Staff/faculty award requests that are related to services performed as an employee should be submitted on an extra compensation form (211 for those paid salary, 220 for those paid hourly).  All staff/faculty awards are treated as taxable income to the staff/faculty member.

- Internationals paid through Payroll - Departments who sponsor or appoint international faculty, staff, or students should contact ISO for assistance with appropriate authorization prior to the individuals arriving.  Once the appropriate authorization is obtained and the hire is complete their tax status and eligibility need to occur. Glacier is an application purchased by the University in 2005 to assist with international tax status and eligibility.  Internationals must complete their Glacier record ( ) prior to first payment made to ensure proper taxation.  Internationals sponsored by the University of Rochester will have their Glacier record set up by ISO triggering them to receive an e-mail explaining the overall application and its requirements.  Please e-mail for questions relating to this application. See International section for more information.

- Requests for W2 re-print – All reprints for 2009 and later can be done through self-service.  If you are no longer an employee, please  contact Payroll Office at . In your email,please include your name, employee ID, the year requested, and a phone number where you can be contacted for questions.  The requestor will be contacted when the form is ready for pick up.  Re-prints of W2's will only be mailed to terminated employees – active employee requests can be picked up at the Payroll Office (Med Ctr 1-7220).

- Taxation – US Citizens hired through the University should complete a W4 (Federal) and an IT-2104 (NY State) indicating their elections for taxation within the first week of employment.  Those who do not complete the form through self-service or a hard copy to the Payroll Office are defaulted to a single/zero tax status per IRS regulations.  All wages processed from their primary position will hold this rate. HRMS is updated each time there is a change to the tax tables as published through the IRS.  Individuals should review their tax status periodically each year and adjust as appropriate.  The Payroll Office is not able to provide tax advice – please contact a tax consultant for detailed questions relating to taxation.  International individuals who will be paid through Payroll are instructed upon hire to complete their Glacier record to assist and confirm tax treaty benefits and statuses.

A regulation of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) states that all supplemental payments made to an employee should be taxed at the flat Supplemental rate.  Supplemental payments are defined as any work performed that is over and above the current primary position including extra/additional compensation, bonuses, payouts, retroactive payments, and reimbursements.

Please contact the Payroll Office with any questions.          

   - Working out of state/country – Faculty, Staff, and Students who currently claim non-residency status are subject to NYS tax on income received from the University (except for California, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina and Tennessee) as NY sourced income.  The University does not hold a 'relationship' with any other states but CA, IL, KS, NC, and TN – employees who work in any other state are eligible for NYS withholding and will have NYS tax withheld.

Departments having the need to employ or appoint individuals outside NYS should contact the Associate Vice President of Human Resources for approval.

- Travel and Expense– T&E checks are processed through Payroll allowing individuals the opportunity for direct deposit.  Please refer to the Accounts Payable section within the Finance website for more information.