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Reimbursable and Miscellaneous Expenses

It is the policy of the University to pay expenses that are essential to the conduct of its official business and avoid undue financial imposition on the members of the faculty and staff whose duties involve direct payments by them on the University's behalf.

The Finance Department processes all disbursements that are charged to a University account. To ensure prompt payment, the following Finance Department general paperwork guidelines should be met:

Disbursement Explanations

Expense Breakdowns

When requesting reimbursements, proof of payment is required. Acceptable forms of proof of payment include:

  1. Original cancelled check
  2. Original credit card statement showing charge
  3. Original receipt from organization
  4. Copy of check and copy of bank statement showing check cashed

All Requests


University fiscal policy requires "next-level"/supervisor approval signature on all University payment and other expense reimbursement documents submitted by any employee including all Payroll forms, Travel & Conference, Request for Payment, and Petty Cash Vouchers. "Next-level" /supervisors are normally individuals authorized/responsible for the general ledger account to which the reimbursement/payment is being charged to or at least the next level supervisor of the employee requesting payment. Payment documents submitted without the proper level of approval will not be processed. Compliance with this policy will be further monitored by University Audit as part of their audit scope when auditing your department. For more detail, please see Policy Reminder.

Processing Limitations for the University Cashiering Locations

T&Cs must be under $300 and can not contain BTAs (purchases of airline tickets using F-2 forms.)

Petty cash reimbursements must be under $300 and can not include food items (food items must be processed on T&C forms)

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