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FAQ - Payment Card Acceptance

Note: Please notify Treasury if you have moved to a new address, have a new contact person and/or new account number.

Bank of America merchant ID (MID) begins with 6749105-xxxx. Wells Fargo merchant ID (MID) usually starts with 487xxxxxxxxx. For most dial up terminals, the MID printed on the top of payment card receipt is truly the MID. Masking identifying information on receipts is part of Treasury's effort to prevent fraud.


Whom should I contact for questions not answered in this FAQ section?

    • Maryna Lozovatskiy at (585) 276-7870
    • Kathy King-Griswold at (585) 275-6968

New merchant location setup

What is the procedure to set up a new merchant location?

How long does it take for the new payment card terminal to arrive?

  • 4-6 weeks after Treasury receives the completed original documentation with all requisite signatures from the department.                                                                             

Is there a possibility that I can receive a used terminal?

  • We recommend the location purchase brand new equipment to ensure it is PCI compliant.

What payment card terminals are available and what are the differences between each?

  • FD130 duo is a dial-up terminal. This terminal can be programmed to have multiple merchant account on one machine.
  • FD410 DW is a wireless terminal that requires AT&T cellular connection. Please make sure you have sufficient signal strength before ordering this terminal.

What should I do when I receive my new terminal?

  • Plug the terminal into the telephone jack and electrical outlet. To be used with an analog phone line (for FD130 terminals).
  • Refer to user guides as needed for how to use the terminal. Visit the payment card processing page for links to these user guides.
  • Contact the help desk number on the back of your terminal for activation. You need to have your merchant ID available.
  • Assure that all employees have received annual PCI training. PCI training can be accessed at PCI training is required on an annual basis for ALL employees operating the terminals. If PCI training is not completed annually, Treasury may revoke payment card privileges.

Online payment card acceptance

How do I set up a new location for accepting payment cards online?

  • Contact Kathy King-Griswold at (585) 275-6968

Is there operations and technical documentation available for accepting credit cards online?

  • Contact Kathy King-Griswold at (585) 275-6968

Terminal and printer operations (including supplies)

Where can I get information on operating my payment card terminal and/or printer?

How can I get supplies?

  • For Bank of America Merchant Services Call First Data at 1-800-252-7762.
  • For Wells Fargo Merchant Services Call 1-800-451-5817 Option 4 · Mon-Fri 5am-6pm PT
  • There may be a cost, including a shipping charge, incurred by each merchant.

Replacing payment card terminals

What should I do if I need to replace my payment card terminal?

  • Notify Treasury by e-mail and they will request a new terminal. For pricing, please contact Treasury.
  • Once you receive the new terminal, please send the old one to Treasury with the merchant ID enclosed.

Change of name, address, phone and fax numbers, and contact person

I want to change the name of my location, address, phone, fax number and/or contact person.

Payment card fees

How often will I be paying payment card fees?

  • Monthly fees will be charged to the FAO (Financial Activity Object) specified in the Merchant Agreement.

How much will I be paying in monthly payment card fees?

  • On average, the consolidated fees are approximately 2.5–2.75% of the value of transactions processed through the terminal.  The fees vary based on when terminals are settled, if the card was swiped vs. entered (if the card was not present), the type of card that was processed, etc.

Will I receive a breakdown of my monthly payment card fees?

  • It is not possible to give every location a breakdown. There are nearly 80 different fees that UR incurs for the nearly 20,000 transactions per month incurred.

Where will fees be charged?

  • The FAO provided on the Merchant Agreement at the setup of your merchant location will determine where fees are charged. If that FAO changes, notify Treasury immediately.

Can I use more than one FAO to allocate my payment card fees?

  • No, it is not possible at this time. Please journal funds internally, as needed.

Card-not-present payment card acceptance

If a patient calls in to pay physician or hospital bills, they may contact the Patient Accounting Office for a secure payment card transaction:

(585) 758-7650 or 1 (888) 925-4301