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Basic Credit Card Terminal Troubleshooting

Reboot the terminal

Many times issues can be resolved by simply power cycling the device.

  • Reboot terminal and test a transaction.

Verify a proper connection

For dial up terminals:

  • Make sure the phone line is connected to the correct port on the payment card machine.
  • Make sure the other end of the phone line is connected to the jack on the wall.

For cellular base terminals:

  • Verify cellular connection by validating cellular signal strength on the terminal.

Verify that the line the terminal is connected on is live (dial tone is heard)

  • Connect a phone to the line the payment card is connected to and check for a dial tone.
  • If no dial tone exists check the connections and try again.
  • If the issue persists try a different phone jack.
  • You may need to contact IT Help Desk at (585)-275-2000 to verify the business line is in proper working order.

If an issue still exists, call the 1-800-622-0842 number on the back of the device.  This will connect you to the Help Desk for Wells Fargo. Make sure you have Merchant ID ready, it is also printed on the back of the machine.

Contact Treasury if none of the above worked or it is taking too long to resolve.

Maryna Lozovatskiy
Treasury Information Analyst
(585) 276-7870

April Anderson
Cash Manager
(585) 275-3734

Kathy King-Griswold
Associate Treasurer
(585) 275-6968