Demo Days Debut!

The UR Financials team presented the first Demo Days event on January 16th.  Over 60 individuals were on hand to witness some of the functionality of Workday.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and will aid in the effectiveness of future Demo Days:

  • Starting with the February 20th Demo Days, we will be hosting a WebEx for each session so that you can participate remotely.  We’d like to see you in person, but sometimes busy schedules don’t allow for the necessary travel time.  Please use the Contact Us tab if you require WebEx instructions.  A UR Financials project team member will be happy to assist you.
  • As mentioned at the first Demo Days event, we will be soliciting immediate feedback from the audience on the scenarios that we present.  The objective is to open up two-way communication so that the team can understand your unique requirements and provide live interaction.
  • Distribution lists for UR Financials are constantly evolving as the project progresses.  You may receive an introductory email acknowledging your presence on the distribution list.  If you have not received an email notification by February 8th and would like to be added to our communications, please use the Contact Us tab and request to be added.  A UR Financials project team member will verify your request.

Thank you for your participation and support.  Stay tuned for more announcements and updates.