Special Interest Group (SIG) – General Ledger / Chart of Accounts

Thursday August 29th from 3:30 – 5 pm held at the Alumni & Advancement Center building in Seminar Room 101.

The General Ledger / Chart of Account Special Interest Group members will discuss the following agenda.

  • Brief Financial Data Model (FDM) Overview
  • Conceptual view of Workday’s Revenue Categories
  • Review Revenue Category values

Note: Revenue Categories related to Investment Income & Appreciation, Grants & Contracts and Patient Care will be presented to targeted groups at a later.

All GL / COA SIG meeting documents can be found on the Resources > General Ledger/Chart of Accounts SIG tab.

Future SIG Meeting planning; there is no G/L SIG meeting on Sept 10th or 24th

Demo Days Recap – August, 21 2013

The first installment of the “Day in the Life” Demo Days series was held on August 21st at the Alumni and Advancement Center Auditorium.  The “Day in the Life” series uses real U of R data in our current configured Workday prototype environment. Through these events, we hope to provide you with preview of what day to day activities will look like in Workday.

A crowd of over 75 University community members took part in the live demonstration, while 39 more attendees joined the event using the WebEx option.  An in-depth focus on Workday supplier invoice processing was demonstrated by the Accounts Payable Team led by Marta Herman, Accounts Payable Manager. Marta explained how Workday will be implemented post go live, July 2014. There was a great deal of content reviewed including policy changes and specific invoice examples processed in Workday so we encourage you to look at the Appendices of the slides on the Resources tab of this site under the Demo Days section.

Your input will contribute to the growth and success of the UR Financials project so please fill out the post demonstration survey (distributed via e-mail) if you attended the event. As always, any questions you have may be submitted through the Contact Us form.  Many questions and answers have already been archived in the FAQs section of this site.