The FRS Account to UR Financials FAO Crosswalk – Update

The preliminary cross reference between FRS accounts and Financial Activity Object (FAO) is available for use. The Excel spreadsheet allows users to look up their FRS accounts and determine the corresponding UR Financials FAO. As additional accounts are added to FRS, the UR Financials project team will update the cross reference to reflect the changes.

FRS Accounts pulled from Cognos as of 4/24/14 (Open, Frozen status) — Does not include Net Investment in Plant (NIP) FRS accounts.

Refer to the crosswalk spreadsheet here.

Feedback or questions, please use the Contact Us link on the UR Financials website

UR Financials Project – Go Live Delay Update

We last communicated on April 1 2014 that the July 2014 go-live of the UR Financials project will be postponed until later in the fiscal year. We expect to delay approximately 4-6 months.   The delay will not affect the scope of system functionality at go-live, but it will help ensure a better implementation that should enhance the user experience at go-live and beyond.

We continue to make significant progress on the issues we identified during testing while also keeping on pace with planned development and testing. We expect to resolve all major issues by early May 2014 so that we can resume with additional testing. Based on the progress made resolving the issues, we will publish revised plans with a new go-live date in May 2014.

Please forward questions you may have using the Contact Us link on the UR Financials website.

Doug Wylie and John Barden
Project Management, UR Financials 

Notice – UR Financials “Go-Live” Postponed

Together, we continue to make significant progress with the financial system replacement project. Thank you for your continued engagement. Functionality and quality have been, and remain paramount, in our implementation of Workday Financials. Through extensive testing, several items have surfaced that are taking some time to resolve in partnership with Workday before going forward. For example, during recent testing of the Workday financial system, the processing time we experienced was much longer than we considered acceptable. In order to improve the system performance, Workday has fast-tracked this issue as a top priority for their technical team. We fully anticipate a successful resolution to this and all significant issues. However, we do not believe adequate time remains in the current plan to fully test these changes. Therefore, after a thorough discussion with the Executive Steering Committee we have decided to postpone go-live from our originally planned date of July 1, 2014 to later in the fiscal year.

We would ask that we all continue on pace with current work plans. Interim dates established for interfaces, testing, and other work requests largely remain unchanged and require continued effort. Within the next four to six weeks, we expect to publish revised plans with a new go-live date after individual items have been resolved and tested. We will keep you posted as we progress, proactively reach out to those impacted by this change in deployment date, and look to your continued support going forward. This slight delay will help assure a better implementation which should enhance the end user experience for our University community at go-live and beyond.

Please forward questions you may have using the Contact Us link on the UR Financials website.

Doug Wylie and John Barden
Project Management, UR Financials

Check out our new website features!

We have added two exciting features to the UR Financials website, both located on the right hand side of most pages including the landing page.

The Hot Topic column displayed within a  yellow panel at the top allows you to quickly view information on the latest topic posted and links you to a post providing additional details and guidance.

A Glossary Search tool, powered by Data Cookbook, located further down has replaced the Glossary previously listed in our website navigation. It differs from a site search in that it queries UR Financials and FRS terms and returns their definition. Just type a term in the search field and select the Search button. The definition appears directly below. It’s that easy!  A link of the term also appears.  When selecting this link users will be directed to the full Data Cookbook website and a login may be required.

Finally, the Workday Login page and Forms page have been updated.  The Workday Login page has been renamed to reflect the new financial system brand now entitled UR Financials. In addition to this, the Forms page has been promoted to the top navigation for ease of use.  Visiting this page will be the first step in working with any form impacted by the new coding structure or Financial Data Model (FDM).

Please take a moment to explore these new features and get acquainted with them. We hope you find them useful!

Just Released: The Financial Data Model Video!

Have you heard about the new Financial Data Model used with Workday?
We invite you to preview our most recent video located on our Video Snippet page, under the Training navigation.  This 5 minute overview highlights our change from the FRS Chart of Accounts to the new Financial Data Model (FDM) designed for the Workday system. To assist in understanding this new coding system, the video also provides an overview on conversion tools developed for your use when translating FRS codes to the Workday FDM.  Contact us and let us know what you think.

And the winner is…

Thank you to all who responded to our poll to select the topic for our Demo Days events in February! Based on your votes, we will be discussing the Financial Data Model (or Workday Chart of Accounts) and process and policy changes. We hope you will join us for this important session which will help you better understand the underlying foundation of Workday, as well as the changes you can expect to see at go-live.

Please be on the lookout for event dates and locations. We look forward to your participation!

Special Interest Group (SIG) – Accounts Payable meeting

Thursday, January 23rd from 1:00pm – 2:00pm at the Alumni and Advancement Center on East River Road, Seminar Room (101)

The focus of this meeting will be a review of key process changes to Supplier Invoices and Banking & Settlement, status on design topics, as well as Testing and Training plan updates.

Final slides for the meeting have been posted in the Resources > Accounts Payable SIG page.

UR Financials Project Prospective

Entering 2014, we launch into the formal Test phase of the project.  During the formal Test phase, we will be including some of the Special Interest Group members to test Workday to ensure that the design meets their unique needs.  We will be executing four iterations of testing:

  1. Test Cycle 1 (Component) – in test cycle 1, we will be testing components of the design to make certain that, as individual pieces, they perform as expected.
  2. Test Cycle 2 (End-to-End) – test cycle 2 will link together test scenarios from test cycle 1 to be a comprehensive end to end test of the business process.  This test cycle validates that all the individual components work properly together.
  3. Test Cycle 3 (Day in the Life) – test cycle 3 will be emulating “life in a Workday environment”.  User security will be tested to verify that security roles can perform the appropriate functions when Workday is turned on.  Additionally, over 100 interfaces will be tested and posted into Workday to validate that all are ready for go-live.  Reports will be used to verify the results in Workday.
  4. Test Cycle 4 (Workday 22) – on March 22, 2014, we will be receiving the release of Workday that we will go live on.  Workday 22 has some critical features that need to be functioning as expected.  The two major features are the multi-company design (allowing us to have balanced set of books at the divisional level, yet report as one legal entity) and enhanced reporting features.  We will test all new functionality delivered in Workday 22, as well as re-test all other functionality that we will go live with.

Besides testing in this phase, we will be finalizing the forms revisions, develop the training material, establish end user security for go-live, and develop a Workday Data Governance structure.  It will be a busy 4 months, but necessary to be ready for training delivery in the May-July time as well as preparing for go-live.

As always, we appreciate all the feedback that we have received and are grateful for your support as we all partake on this journey.   Collectively, we can make the university “ever better”.

The UR Financial Project Team

UR Financials Project Retrospective

As we prepare for the holidays, the past two months have been very productive within the project team.

  • We have been completing the Prototype phase of the project where we have taken the paper design and mocked up various scenarios to verify how the design works in Workday.  At the completion of the Prototype phase, the intent is to have the design final and ready for the formal test phase of the project.
  • The project has finalized an agreement with a local company to develop the training material for the project.  Formal training will occur in the May-July 2014 timeframe.
  • With the change from the FRS chart of accounts to the Workday Financial Data Model, many forms need to be revised to accommodate the change.  We have been busy identifying all the forms and making the appropriate changes.  It is anticipated that some forms will be made available via a web-based form for ease of use and conversion into Workday.
  • Workday release 21 appeared on our doorstep on November 11th.  This Workday release brought reporting enhancements to the team to facilitate better Budget to Actual report capabilities.

Looking back over 2013, we have conducted 10 Demo Days to introduce individuals to Workday, held over 30 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to provide a deeper view into business process and policy changes, and countless presentations to individual groups across the university, medical center, and hospital.

We appreciate all the feedback that we have received and are grateful for your support as we all partake on this journey.   As the UR Financials project team, we coordinate and manage the project; however, the success of this project depends on everyone in the university providing assistance and support as we complete this conversion from FRS to Workday.

We hope you enjoy this festive time of year. Please remember to return to our website for a look ahead on the UR Financials project in 2014.

Happy Holidays!

The UR Financial Project Team

No December Demo Days- See you in January!

Due to the holidays, we will not be holding Demo Days in December. We will resume our events in January 2014 with the first session planned on Thursday, January 23. Based on your positive feedback, we will continue to hold sessions at alternative locations also. Stay tuned for more information as the date draws closer. Happy Holidays!

Financial Forms with Potential For Change Due to UR Financials Project

The following spreadsheet contains a listing of all known forms that will require some type of change as we transition to Workday from FRS.  If you are aware of any forms that are NOT on this list, but will require modification due to Workday, please use the Contact Us link on the UR Financials website. 

UR Financials Forms – As of 12-2-13

When using the Contact US link, please supply your email information so that someone from the UR Financials project team can contact you regarding questions we may have.

November Demo Days: We’re taking the show on the road!

You may be familiar with Demo Days or have participated in one of these events, designed to introduce Workday and demonstrate its functionality. Our upcoming events will be in the form of informational sessions providing a project update followed by a spotlight on a relevant topic.

Please join us for the next event, where we will provide an update on recent design decisions and discuss the training approach.

We have heard your feedback and are pleased to be offering three identical sessions to make it easier to attend. Please Sign-Up Here for an option that is most convenient for you.

For those partaking in the meeting via WebEx, please Click Hereand enter your name and e-mail if prompted. The meeting password is: workday

Conference call info is included below:
Dial in: 1-888-330-3581; Access Code: 6534022

Meeting agenda is posted below. Presentation materials can be accessed through this link. 

  • UR Financials Project Update
    –   Key Changes
    –   Major Decisions
  • User Training
    –   Types of Training
    –   Timeline
  • UR Financials Website
    –   General Structure
    –   Training Page Walkthrough