Take the UR Financials Survey!

The UR Financials implementation is progressing towards its final phases.  As many of you are aware, this system will replace FRS, our aging legacy financial system, by January, 2015. 


Once again we solicit your feedback in an effort to ensure necessary levels of preparedness. Your continued response allows us to tailor project activities to your needs.  

UR Financials Survey

Please take five minutes to answer the anonymous survey through the link above. The survey will be available until October 31, 2014 .


Hands-On Sessions: Sign Up Now!

Based on your feedback, we are pleased to offer the following Hands-On session in UR Financials. These are designed to enhance your understanding of the new financial system and corresponding Chart of Accounts. For these sessions, converted FRS data and the Workday Financial Data Model (FDM) have been loaded into a UR Financials environment for your preview and practice.

Sign up for an option that is most convenient for you.  There are eight (8) identical Hands-On sessions being offered.

Prerequisites:  Prior to a Hands-On session, the following MUST be completed:

Agenda:  Hands-On sessions will cover the following topics:

  1. UR Financials Overview
  2. Log into the UR Financial system
  3. Use the Search feature to locate 2 reports
  4. Running the Monthly Ledger report
  5. Hands-On Practice
  6. Running the Transaction Details report
  7. Hands-On Practice

Note: Completion of all prerequisites are required before attending a Hands-On session.

We look forward to seeing you there!

COGNOS Security Verification Report

As we prepare for the implementation of the UR Financials application, we are required to perform a review of the current COGNOS security for financial reports.   The COGNOS security will be the basis for providing access to the new Workday reports.  Please run the “My FRS Security to be used for Workday” report from the #Financial Reports/Common Shared folder location in COGNOS, and review the currently assigned permissions. Note any changes necessary, and forward to your manager for signature.  Your manager will then forward to your Divisional Finance lead for final signature and return to the UR Financials Security coordinator for processing.

Any new requests for COGNOS or Workday access should go through the existing COGNOS user id request process.

All documents need to be returned to Divisional Finance lead prior to September 30th to allow the UR Financials security team to process and provide access to Workday.  Anyone not signing and returning the access form will not be given COGNOS or Workday access.

For questions, please use the Contact Us link.

Sign Up for Demo Days This Week!

As part of the UR Financials project effort, monthly Demo Days events were held to introduce Workday and demonstrate its functionality. We have since transitioned to informational sessions, starting with a project update followed by a spotlight on a relevant topic.

August’s installation has been changed to focus on the UR Financial Survey Results, areas of opportunity and the action items that we have identified to address them. Please review the presentation materials prior to the session AND come prepared to provide feedback.  This will be an interactive event.

Wednesday 8/20: Alumni and Advancement Center Seminar Room 101, 1:30 – 2:30 PM
Thursday 8/21: River Campus, Gleason 318/418, 3 – 4 PM
Friday 8/22: Medical Center, G-9425 Class of ’62 Auditorium, 3 – 4 PM

There are still open seats left! Please access the UR Financials website to sign up for an option of your choice.

Training Materials Now Available

Are you interested in learning more about how the new financial system works? We have released a series of educational tools early to orient and prepare users for the new financial system. These are all available on the UR Financials Training page.

1. Introduction to UR Financials (Prerequisite to all instructor-led classes) *

This 45-minute e-learning course explains what UR Financials (Workday) is and how to use it. Topics include:

  • Explanation of the new Financial Data Model (FDM)
  • How to translate FRS account information to the new Chart of Accounts
  • How to log in, navigate, and search the new system
  • How to run a basic report in the new system

2. Introduction to Forms (Prerequisite to all form instructional videos)

This video explains the impact of the new Chart of Accounts on your FRS accounts and commonly used forms. Topics include:

  • Explanation of the new Financial Data Model (FDM)
  • Translation tools that will convert FRS accounts to the new structure
  • How to apply translation tools to the updated financial forms

3. Form Instructional Videos

This video series details what will be changing in individual finance forms. (Draft forms are also available for preview on the UR Financials Training page.)

More information is to come on dates, times, and registration for instructor-led classes that will be held in November-December.

* NOTE: Users who will be taking instructor-led classes will need to complete a certification test at the end of the Introduction to UR Financials e-learning course. This test will be released in October.  Please know, you may review the e-learning course multiple times prior to taking this test.

Take the UR Financials Survey Before it’s Closed

Thank you to all that have taken the survey opened last Thursday. As a reminder, there is only one week left before the survey is closed.  Your feedback is important to us!

Our first survey was distributed in April and we received positive and encouraging feedback. Having completed several milestones since then and increasingly sought to engage the user community, we would like to gauge your perceptions around the upcoming change. Your responses will allow us to continue to tailor project activities to your needs.

Please click here to take the anonymous survey by August 14, 2014. 

Are We Ready? – Take the UR Financials Survey!

As many of you are aware, efforts to replace FRS, our aging legacy financial system, have been underway. In November 2012, we kicked off our UR Financials project geared at implementing Workday throughout the University. The system will be operational by January 1, 2015.


In an effort to ensure necessary levels of preparedness as we progress through the implementation, we are soliciting your feedback again. Your responses continue to allow us to tailor project activities to your needs.


UR Financials Survey

Please take five minutes to answer the anonymous survey through the link above by August 14, 2014 . All participants will be entered into a drawing for five prizes so don’t miss this opportunity! 


Demo Days on May 21, or May 22 – Join Us for a Reporting Demonstration!

Demo Day presentations occur monthly and are designed to provide a project update, and/or demonstrate functionality of our upcoming UR Financials system. This month we will offer TWO sessions due to the upcoming holiday.

Please join us for the May installation focusing on a Workday Reporting Update and Demonstration as well as a Project Update with adjusted timeline.

Identical Demo Day events will be offered on May 21st and May 22nd. Please Sign-Up Here for an option that is most convenient for you.

For those partaking in the meeting via WebEx, please Click Hereand enter your name and e-mail if prompted. The meeting password is: workday

Conference call info is included below: Dial in: 1-888-330-3581Access Code: 6534022

Meeting agenda is posted below. Presentation materials will also be accessible through this link.

  • UR Financials Overview
    –   Project Timeline
    –   Integration Update
  • Workday Reporting Strategy
    –   Reporting security
  • Workday Reporting Demonstration
    –   Highlight Key Reporting Features
    –   Run and Review a Non-Company FAO Activity Report
    –   Review a Monthly Ledger Report
  • Q&A
  • Wrap Up

UR Financials Project Prospective

Entering 2014, we launch into the formal Test phase of the project.  During the formal Test phase, we will be including some of the Special Interest Group members to test Workday to ensure that the design meets their unique needs.  We will be executing four iterations of testing:

  1. Test Cycle 1 (Component) – in test cycle 1, we will be testing components of the design to make certain that, as individual pieces, they perform as expected.
  2. Test Cycle 2 (End-to-End) – test cycle 2 will link together test scenarios from test cycle 1 to be a comprehensive end to end test of the business process.  This test cycle validates that all the individual components work properly together.
  3. Test Cycle 3 (Day in the Life) – test cycle 3 will be emulating “life in a Workday environment”.  User security will be tested to verify that security roles can perform the appropriate functions when Workday is turned on.  Additionally, over 100 interfaces will be tested and posted into Workday to validate that all are ready for go-live.  Reports will be used to verify the results in Workday.
  4. Test Cycle 4 (Workday 22) – on March 22, 2014, we will be receiving the release of Workday that we will go live on.  Workday 22 has some critical features that need to be functioning as expected.  The two major features are the multi-company design (allowing us to have balanced set of books at the divisional level, yet report as one legal entity) and enhanced reporting features.  We will test all new functionality delivered in Workday 22, as well as re-test all other functionality that we will go live with.

Besides testing in this phase, we will be finalizing the forms revisions, develop the training material, establish end user security for go-live, and develop a Workday Data Governance structure.  It will be a busy 4 months, but necessary to be ready for training delivery in the May-July time as well as preparing for go-live.

As always, we appreciate all the feedback that we have received and are grateful for your support as we all partake on this journey.   Collectively, we can make the university “ever better”.

The UR Financial Project Team

It’s here! Demo Day on Reporting on October 16, 2013!

You may be familiar with Demo Days or have participated in one or more of these events, designed to introduce Workday and demonstrate its functionality. Our current series of Demo Days for the months of August-December 2013 reflects “A Day in the Life” and uses real U of R data. This format is designed to allow you a sneak peek into what your day to day activities will look like in Workday.

Please join us for the third Demo Day in this series, focusing on Reporting in Workday.

Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Time: 1:30 to 2:30 PM
Location: Alumni and Advancement Center on East River Road in the Seminar Room (#101)

 Space is limited. Please Sign Up Here to reserve a seat or a spot on the WebEx.

To access the WebEx, please Click Hereand enter your name and e-mail if prompted. The meeting password is: workday

Conference call info is included below:
Dial in: 1-888-330-3581; Access Code: 6534022

Meeting agenda is posted below. Presentation materials will also be accessible through this link.

  • Workday Reporting Strategy
    –   Overview and process changes, data conversion process
    –   Benefits and Challenges
  • Workday Demo
    –   Prototypes of Monthly Ledger and Monthly Transactions Report
    –   The Power of Worktags

Workday Highlight – Reporting & Analytics

“Delivering the right information at the right time and in the right format” is a general Reporting and Analytics mantra.  With the Workday application, users will be able to leverage a range of reporting capabilities to enable quicker and more informed decision making.  Workday calls this functionality “actionable insights” and the UR Financials Reporting Team has been working on a plan to translate the FRS and Cognos reporting methods into Workday’s “actionable insights”.

Since the onset of the project, the UR Financials Reporting Team has reviewed hundreds of Cognos reports, met with nearly twenty groups across the University and started to develop an initial reporting design for the Workday application.  With an exceptional amount of information already gathered, the team has immediate plans to incorporate more user feedback and data to evolve the design to match University needs.  Overall, with the primary goal of the UR Financials Reporting Team to improve the current reporting structure and enable Workday “actionable insights”, a great foundation has been established and we look forward to building upon it.