The Training approach for UR Financials follows a multi-level, multi-dimensional, phased approach to prepare users for their roles and responsibilities impacted by the new UR Financials system (Workday). This page describes the entire course curriculum and rollout for the UR Financials project as well as the operationalized training solution.

Getting Started with UR Financials:
If you are new to the UR Financials system and need access, read more on how to get started – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Training Timeline:
The training plan follows a Just In Time approach the formal release of our eLearning course – Introduction to UR Financials for certification.  This eLearning will be the prerequisite for all classes listed below.  The following is a high level schedule of the Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses for the UR Financials (Workday) system.

Course with Outline Length of class Offered

Prerequisite for all classes:
Introduction to UR Financials eLearning course

45 minutes On Demand in Blackboard

Accounts Payable

1 Full day on an as-needed basis
Banking and Settlement 5 hours on an as-needed basis
Grant Management ORPA 1/2 day,
ORACS 1 Full Day
on an as-needed basis
Journal Entry Processing 1 Full day on an as-needed basis
Company Level Reporting 4 hours on an as-needed basis
Non-Company Level Reporting 1 Full day 2015 Spring schedule
Excel for UR Financials 2 hours January – February 2015


Training Delivery
The chart below shows each user type intended for instructor-led training (ILT) and the core courses assigned. Use the links below to launch training released early.

Audience Type Training Solution Delivery location
Company Level Users and Non Company Level Report Users  eLearning prerequisite for all Instructor led training –  Includes job aid.Assessment is active in  Blackboard for those with an approved UR Financials Workday Access Form 


*Introduction to UR Financials
Company Level Users Classroom Instructor-Led Training by Role – includes manuals and job aids(Required) TBD
Non Company Level Report Users Classroom Instructor-Led Training by Role – includes manuals and job aids(Required) Multiple locations – see SignUp for details
Excel Users Classroom Instructor-Led Training by Role – includes manuals and job aids

(NOT Required)

Forms Users
Video training on the new UR Financials Chart of Accounts AND instruction on how to complete certain forms with COA changes. These will be accessible by all via the UR Financials Training Page. Form Instructional Videos
All Web based content that includes; UR Financials tips and tricks, project developments, user meetings, etc. Online @ UR Financials Website

Please use the Contact Us link for any training questions or comments you may have.