Forms Are Changing -  Sneak Peek!
Due to the change in our Chart of Accounts to the new Financial Data Model (FDM) for UR Financials, Forms Are Changing! Below is a sneak peak of a few updated forms. Let us know what you think.

When should I use updated forms? When it comes time to use these forms, you will be notified via the UR Financials website with further guidance on the Finance Forms page.

How do I complete forms that have been updated ?  A series of quick reference videos, providing step by step guidance, will soon be posted on the Training page for many updated forms.  These on demand videos can be watched at any time and will walk you through how to translate your FRS codes to the new FDM.

What tools do I use to translate my FRS codes to the new FDM?  The Financial Data Converter and Crosswalks will help translate your FRS codes to the new FDM.

Finance Forms – DRAFT ONLY and should not be used at this time.

  1. APRequest_draft, Accounts Payable Special Handling Request Form
  2. ecommerce_draft, Credit Card Policy and Merchant Agreement
  3. F2_draft, Request for Advance Travel Tickets
  4. F3_draft, Employee Expense Report
  5. F4_draft, Request for Payment
  6. F5_draft, Petty Cash Voucher
  7. F6_draft, Petty Cash Fund Summary
  8. F7_draft, Moving Expense Report
  9. F8_draft, Request for Moving Advance
  10. F9_draft, Petty Cash Fund Request
  11. F34_draft, Student Expense Report for University Business
  12. Journal Entry_draft
  13. Notice_to_Change_Account Number or Contact Info for Merchants_draft
  14. P Card Application_draft
  15. P Card Authorization_draft
  16. P Card Change Cancellation Notice_draft
  17. PurchasingRushForm_draft
  18. URMC-FedEx-Access-Request_draft

Financial Forms with Potential For Change Due to UR Financials Project
The following spreadsheet contains a listing of all known forms that will require some type of change as we transition to UR Financials/Workday from FRS.  If you are aware of any forms that are NOT on this list, but will require modification due to UR Financials/Workday, please use the Contact Us link on the UR Financials website.

Forms Impacted by UR Financials FDM - As of 03-23-14

When using the Contact US link, please supply your email information so that someone from the UR Financials project team can contact you regarding questions we may have.