Accounts Payable Self-Service Information Updated

There are many ways to view Accounts Payable activity.  Here are the top 3 methods.

  1. Non Company Level (NCL) users can see for themselves if an invoice has been entered into UR Financials by using the report Find Supplier Invoice Lines (NCL) URF0992. Company Level users can access the Find Supplier Invoice Lines – with Saved Filters URF0355 report which produces an output specific to their needs. Outlined below are features of the Find Supplier Invoice Lines (NCL) URF0992 report.

Find Supplier Invoice Lines (NCL) URF0992 report:

a.)  Results from this report may now show a colored “flag” in the Supplier Invoice column indicating a Document Link or Attachment is present. Sup Inv rpt 2
Each colored flag represents a different type of supporting documentation on the transaction.flags

b.)  Payment Date and Transaction Reference fields will have data when Payment has been sent (those fields are blank if the payment has not yet been sent). Paid/Not Paid is also designated by a Green Checkmark (Paid) Checkor Red X (Not Paid) X in the Payment Type field.

Payment type

c.)  By Drilling into the Supplier Invoice to see the details, users can further click on the Payment tab to view the Reconciliation Status. (Right click on the related actions icon next to the Supplier Invoice located in the first column and choose See in New Tab).
Reconciledthe payment/check has been cashed
Unreconciledthe check is still outstanding

Supplier Invoice


2) If you do not have security to view the Supplier Invoice Document Links, this request form allows the user to view stored PDFs of Supplier Invoices within UR Financials: Supplier Invoice Viewing Permission Form

3) Still have questions, contact for routine inquiries.  This is the best approach, rather than emailing a specific AP staff member.  Emailing the department mailbox with questions and requests will be managed by the AP team and are continually processed.

If you prefer to speak to someone, call Accounts Payable at 275-3483.  Please listen to phone prompts as they were updated in July.