COVID 19 Financials Tracking

Given the current Coronavirus situation, we ask that you keep track of all incremental expenses and lost revenue associated with preparations, containment, treatment, and related operational impacts, including such things as virus-specific purchases and additional fees (such as premium prices paid due to supply shortage), retroactively, back to 1/1/2020 and until further notice.  Finance and Administration will use this information to track impacts to budgets and financial statements.  To assist in the tracking of financial transactions associated with coronavirus expenses or disruptions:

  • Divisional finance officers need to submit the COVID-19 Financial Tracking file in a timely manner.  Instructions for the data and documentation necessary are included in the file.  Please reach out to your divisional finance office for additional guidance and questions.

Future Deadlines

Reporting Period:COVID-19 Tracker Due Date:
1/1/20 – 3/31/204/29/20
4/1/20 – 4/30/205/20/20
5/1/20 – 5/31/206/19/20
6/1/20 – 6/30/207/20/20
7/1/20 – 7/31/208/20/20
8/1/20 – 8/31/209/21/20
9/1/20 – 9/30/2010/20/20

Last business day of each month thereafter 

15th business day after month end thereafter
  • Departments should further assist tracking efforts:
    • For purchases via Workday P2P Requisitions and Supplier Invoice Requests: An additional custom worktag Initiative > COVID 19 has been created and should be added to Requisitions and SIRs wherever an FAO is added.  A reference guide has been added to the P2P Self Help > General P2P Support Tools > Tips & Tricks section that provides information on how to add this new worktag.  Please contact the P2P Service Center at 275-2012 or for further assistance.
    • Pcard purchases: Cardholders should enter “COVID19” in the US Bank Comment/Business Purpose field in addition to providing your business purpose explanation.
    • F3/F34 Expense reports: Enter “COVID19” in the Business Purpose and Description fields.
  • Divisional finance office representatives are as follows:

10/80Cheryl Bennett
11Ken McNeil
20/21/22Roger Smith
23Brian Donovan
24Jason Sabel
30Jen Horn
40Jeff Bloss
50Patty Stevens
60Kelly Talarczyk
70Sheryl Burgstrom
90Donna Dawley
91Jill Hetterich
92Mike Winters
  • We encourage divisional finance offices to distribute the reporting template to departments within their divisions to ensure comprehensive reporting. However, we request one overall report to be submitted for each division, with divisional finance office representatives gathering the impacts from their various departments prior to submitting one master divisional finance report.  Divisional finance office representatives will be given access to a Box site for uploading the consolidated divisional file.

Leases and Rentals spend category update

Name and usage changes for the following existing leases and rentals spend categories:

Removing “Leases and” from the name

  • Rentals Document Storage (SC51900)
  • Rentals Equipment (SC51950)
  • Rentals Other (SC52000)
  • Rentals Property (SC52050)

These spend categories should only be used for non-lease transactions.  To be in compliance with the new FASB lease accounting guidelines, effective July 1, 2019 for the University of Rochester, please contact UR Real Estate Office for space or UR Treasury for equipment if you have any lease transactions.  Please refer to the UR Financials Chart of Account Spend and Revenue Category Definitions that will guide you how the above rentals spend categories should be utilized.

New lease expense spend categories and ledger accounts

With recent adoption of updated accounting guidance on leases, please note that new ledger accounts (6346x for lease expense) and spend categories (SC71xxx) are in use for real estate and equipment leases. Lease expenses, such as rents, are now reported with the journal source Expense Recognition.

If you ran monthly ledger or transaction reports before 2:30pm on Wednesday, August 7, your lease expenses may not have been captured. We recommend you re-run those reports.

UR Financials Successfully Upgraded – Minimal Changes to User Interface

The UR Financials system upgrade completed successfully this past weekend with very few impacts to the user interface. Read further for more details.

  1. UPDATED Terminology change – Budget is now Plan: The system implemented a terminology change; “Plan” now refers to “Budget” in some areas within the system.  This impacts the following reports where Budget Structure (label) has been changed to Plan Structure (label) within the report filter criteria:
    1. Award Budgetary Balance Summary (NCL) URF0840 report
    2. Award Budgetary Balance Summary Printable (NCL) URF0987,
    3. Award Budgetary Balance Summary Printable URF0986
    4. Award Budgetary Balance Summary URF0331
      All QRCs will have been updated to reflect this change.
      An  alias that links these terms has been implemented. Therefore, when searching for “Budget”, appropriate “Plan” and “Budget” results will return.  Remember:  Using the established report unique identifier, such as URF0987 and/or full report name, will continue to provide best results when searching for reports.
      **This change does not affect the Create Budget Amendment task used by Company Level users with the Accountant role.
  2. Loading Screen: Users now see a Workday home page loading screen immediately after entering user log in credentials. This briefly appears prior to viewing the UR Financials Home page.splash
  3. Rich Text Editor Toolbar: Comment, or reply fields within the UR Financials system now allows rich text editing. Select the Format Text button to view the formatting window with a toolbar.
    format text
    format toolbar
  4. Guided Tour for Errors: If errors are encountered while using UR Financials, the system shows a streamlined error indicator. This location of the indicator has not changed, but no longer lists errors. Users will see only an error indicator showing Errors: quantifier. Users may also notice a tooltip appears when hovering over the quantifier.
    error indicator

    1. When selected, the indicator will collapse, small error indicator as not to impede viewing of information on screen.
    2. Select the indicator to be transported to the error location with a provided description. If multiple errors are present, the description window can cycle through all errors found, automatically relocating itself adjacent to each error.
      example of error indicator
  5. Accessibility Update: The user interface now offers more compatibility with assistive technologies.
    • Input Prompts – Input Prompts, such as single value selection, multiple value selection, and dropdown selection, now have enhanced keyboard navigation and screen reader support.
    • Checkboxes and Radio ButtonsCheckboxes and radio buttons are more accessible through enhanced keyboard navigation and screen reader support.
    • Page Navigation (Headers and Regions) – The system contains updated headers and regions on all pages to work with screen readers in order to assist users with navigation throughout Workday.
    • Multi-view Containers – The multi-view container, as seen in the system’s Inbox, has enhanced keyboard navigation and screen reader support.
    • Error Guided Tours – Error Guided Tours have enhanced keyboard navigation and screen reader support.
  6. UR Financials Announcements: Minor enhancements have been made to announcements within UR Financials.
    • The announcement image (i.e. green circle) has been brought back at first viewing and after selecting the announcement card.
    • The selected announcement shows a new layout that is no longer stacked, but rotates side by side.
    • External links, Custom Report links and Video links may now be included in any announcement.

NOTE: Microsoft’s Retirement of IE9/10 and UR Financials:  Internet Explorer version 9/10 will not be supported by Workday as noted at the bottom of the UR Financials Login page. For web browser upgrades and support, contact:
Help Desk: UnivIT: (585) 275-2000 or email:
URMC: (585) 275-3200 or email:

For questions on these changes, please email the UR Financials team.

2016 Fiscal Year-End Finance Announcements

Thank you for your continued support, patience, and cooperation working with the new UR Financials system.  We appreciate your continuous efforts assisting the central finance team to complete monthly close procedures throughout the fiscal year.  We will continue to support you to the best of our ability as we approach one of our busiest times of the year.

In preparation for fiscal year end close for June 30, 2016, there are special timing considerations and actions required on your part in order to ensure that all financial transactions are recorded properly and in the current fiscal year.  The fiscal year end close schedule is attached and important deadlines are noted below.  For further information, please visit either the Finance website or the FY2016 Fiscal Year End Close Schedule.

Request for Payment (F-4) and Student Expense Report for University Business (F-34) must be received in Accounts Payable no later than 4PM on Friday, June 10, 2016. Please send to Accounts Payable, RC Box 278958.

Payroll Reallocation Changes – Requests for payroll reallocation changes on Form 800 should be received no later than 4PM on Wednesday, June 15, 2016. Please send your materials to Laura Bardossi, Box PERC.

Employee Expense Reports (F-3) – must be received in Accounts Payable no later than 4PM on Tuesday, June 28, 2016. Please send to Accounts Payable, RC Box 278958.

All journal entry forms and 312 requisitions (non-purchasing) must be received by central finance by 4PM on Friday, July 1, 2016

Preliminary reports available on the morning of Friday, July 8 2016

Final reports available on the morning of Wednesday, July 13, 2016


UR Financials to Modify Its Look Today, March 14th

UR Financials will undergo some cosmetic and functional changes to the Home page, Reporting and Announcements. Changes are listed below in detail.

Home Page

UR Financials can now be branded with University of Rochester imagery. Below details how the home page will be customized in three different ways:

banner1.       The top center of the Home page will no longer show the Workday image, but will now show the University of Rochester logo.

2.       Below the UR logo, University images will appear that will periodically change. UR Financials Announcements will also appear in this area.

3.       The Home Button previously to the left of the Search bar will show the Workday “W” logo and performs the same function.


Grid (column) personalization will now be an option on most reports. This feature provides users the ability to visually modify columns shown in report results. Note: All columns will be visible in a grid by default.
Changing columns will not impact data as this is just a visual change and only seen by the user.

before grid

The Show/Hide Columns icon is located in the upper right of the report result grid.

1.       Select the icon to view a drop-down list of all report column titles.


2.       Check only the columns desired to appear on the report.

3.       Select the Done button to save and see changes made. A quick message will appear stating “Changes have been saved” under the U of R logo.  These changes will persist and show the next time the report is run.

Tip: The icon turns light blue when selections have been made

4.       Return to the Show/Hide Columns icon (now blue) to make further changes

after grid

Note: This feature is not available on all reports


Announcements will become more interactive and will now be able to link to items such as; reports, external links and tasks. After March 14th, when viewing announcements in the UR Financials system, select the announcement for further viewing of information or possible links.

Additional Changes for March 14th

Read more about changes to the FAO attribute location
Read more on new layout options for Awards (Grant Analysts)

If you have questions please email


FAO Attributes Found in New Location on March 14th

Due to the UR Financials Upgrade on March 14th, the FAO attribute location will change.  When viewing FAO attributes (Including Grants), the related worktags will now appear differently within the UR Financials system.

For example, within the View Grant screen, the related worktags are no longer seen at the top of the page, but now can be viewed by either selecting the Related Actions button on that Grant, or opening the newly created Related Worktag tab at the bottom of the screen.

FAO location change 1FAO location change 2

Use this View Grant and Award Job Aid for detailed steps on this change.

For non-Grant FAOs, such as Operating Programs, worktags will now appear in the lower half of the screen after searching for the FAO using the UR Financials system search bar.

FAO location change 3

If you have questions please email


Security Audit Forms Due on Monday

The UR Financials Security Audit process is wrapping up.  All applicable documents are due by Monday February 29th, otherwise access will be turned off until received.

Ensure your access remains active by sending in your documents today.

Read more for instruction on how to complete this process.

If you have questions please email

UR Financials Conducts its Annual Security Audit

It’s time for our annual security verification process for all UR Financials users. Over the past year, employees may have transferred, or left the University without updating their security. This initiative is to validate security for accuracy and completeness within the system. This annual security audit is required for all current Workday users.

User accounts needing adjustment will require the completion of a Workday Security (Access) Form  to document changes needed.

All users should complete the steps below with a signed security verification form returned no later than February 29th.

To begin, complete the following steps:

  1. Run the View My Role Assignments report within the UR Financials system.
    view my role
  2. Once this report is run, select the Print button in the lower left corner of the screen to print this Role Audit report. This will automatically print as a PDF type form with approval lines for manager signature.Tip: This PDF report will also be saved to the Workday W: drive and can be retrieved there.
    role audit form
  3. Review the Organization Type, Organization and Roles Name assigned for appropriateness and accuracy.
  4. If security listed is correct, sign and date, then obtain manager approval. Follow instructions listed at bottom of the Role Audit report for submission. Skip to step 6.
  5. If a correction is needed, check the I need to add or remove access” check box on the Role Audit report then, complete a UR Financials Workday Access Form to document changes needed and gain all approvals necessary on that form.

Use this short list of Role definitions list below to determine if you have requested the correct role for access. Linked here is a complete list of roles and definitions.

role types

6.  Send form and/or report to:
UR Financials Security Attn: Traci Slingerland College Town
44 Celebration Drive
Box 278966 

Email a scanned copy to

Note: For Role Audit reports with no corrections send the Role Audit report only.  For Role Audit reports that need corrections send both the Role Audit report and UR Financials Security form.

Remember, all users should have signed UR Financials user security verification forms by Monday, February 29th.

If you have questions please email

Financial Data Model Crosswalks updated

The following three (3) crosswalks and one (1) job aid listing has been updated on the Tools page as of September 1st, 2015.

  • FRS Department to Workday Cost Center Crosswalk
  • FRS Account to UR Financials FAO Crosswalk
  • FRS Subcode to Workday Worktags Crosswalk
  • UR Financials Ledger Accounts, Spend & Revenue Category Listing (JOB-AID)

These crosswalks are used for FAO, Worktag, Ledger Accounts and Spend / Revenue Category reference. Each have their own guidance and disclaimers as noted on the Tools page.