Grants Management Reporting Slide Deck Available

On Friday March 27th, UR Financials offered a presentation with Jeff Sullivan on Grants Management Reporting and the “Big 3″. This discussion and demonstration covered three reports necessary for Grants Management (GM); Manager Financial report, Transaction Detail Printable (NCL) URF0943 report, Award Budgetary Balance URF0840 report. It also provided a fundamental review of terminology and concepts regarding GM reporting.

The PowerPoint presentation slide deck for this event has now been added to the Grants Management SIG page, entitled GM_Reporting – the BIG 3. A video recording of this presentation will be available for review in April.

Grants Management Reporting Demonstration & Discussion

Based on your feedback, we are pleased to announce a UR Financials presentation dedicated to Grants Management Reporting with Jeff Sullivan, Assistant Controller from the Office of Research Accounting & Costing Standards.

This presentation will cover the three reports necessary for Grants Management:

  • Manager Financial report
  • Transaction Detail report
  • Award Budgetary Balance report

Two identical sessions will be offered for your convenience, Sign Up for one session only.

  Friday 3/27      River Campus, Schlegel Room S207 10:00AM – 12:00PM
Friday 3/27      Medical Center, Class of ’62 Auditorium 2:00PM – 4:00PM

These sessions are in person only. The sessions will be recorded for reference in April and  accessible from the UR Financials web site.

For questions on this event, please Contact Us

Quick Reference Card for Viewing Supplier Payments and more

To continue UR Financials learning, new and updated Quick Reference Cards (QRC) can be found on the Training Materials page.

New/Recently Updated Quick Reference Cards:

These pdf documents have been designed to provide brief, step by step guidance on commonly performed tasks and reports. Updates are based on feedback from users and updates to the UR Financials system.  New QRCs are being developed for common reports and frequently asked questions.

Look for more Quick Reference Cards to come on the Training Materials page.

Grant Management Monthly Transaction Report Bursted

Today, all Grant Management report users will find the Monthly Transactions Printable (NCL) URF0943 report(s) bursted to the W: Drive within Workday.

The UR Financials Reporting team has created a Report Group specifically for Grant users based on this report.   This is by exception only.
Cost Center Managers can create their own report group by following steps outlined in the Creating a Report Group (Cost Center Financial Analysts): Step Guide

To view bursted report(s) in the Workday W: Drive, follow these steps:

  1. Log onto UR Financials
  2. Click My Account icon profile and select W: Drive
  3. Under File Name, click on the bursted report you want to open
  4. Click Report icon to open

This report has been set to persist for only 30 days in your W: Drive within Workday. If you would like to keep this report, please save it to your hard drive on your local computer.

Remember: all other reports need to be run manually.

You may notice in your My Account menu that you now have Notifications. These are generated for each report bursted to your W: Drive.  Please follow the steps outlined in Self Help (FAQs) on how to access Notifications.

If you have any questions on this, Please Contact Us

Inbox viewing in Workday: Full view upon selection

Your Workday Inbox viewing has slightly changed.  No longer will an arrow be used to select and view your entire message.

inbox wd24

Now your message will automatically appear to the right of the screen once selected from your Inbox.

  1. To expand the message view, select the Full screen Viewing Mode icon (double headed arrow) next to the gear Actions icon Inbox expand
  2. Select the icon once more (toggle) to return the message size to its original size

For more tips, please visit the Tips and Tricks section of the UR Financials Newsletter emailed to users every Friday.


My Workday 2.0 includes Grant Management Dashboard: Worklets 5 or less

Worklets on the My Workday 2.0 home page allows for quick access to your favorite links.  The My Workday 2.0 home page has undergone some recent changes listed below:

  1. Only allows up to five (5) Worklets to show at one time for all users
  2. Now automatically includes the Grant Management Dashboard for Grant users

worklets wd24

If more than 5 Worklets are configured on the My Workday 2.0 page, please prioritize the Worklets selected to only show the five needed. If you have more than five listed, the remaining Worklets will not appear.
To do this, Configure Worklets  to modify the type and order as you would like them to appear on your My Workday 2.0 page. This includes the Grant Management Dashboard that has been automatically provided to all Grant users now in Worklet form.

January 2015 Financial Close – Reporting Now Available

The financial close for January, 2015 in UR Financials (Workday) is now final.  You can now run your monthly ledgers and other reports.

We will be reviewing the new Reporting worklet and be available to answer your questions at upcoming User Call In sessions and Reporting Workshops.   Please sign up on the website if you plan on attending.

Introducing the New Reporting Worklet

Based on user feedback, we have introduced a new Reporting Worklet that contains links to frequently used reports.  This worklet will appear automatically on your Home page.  Additional details will be communicated on the UR Financials website prior to Monday’s release.  We will also be reviewing the worklet at upcoming User Call In sessions and Reporting Workshops.   Please sign up on the website if you plan on attending.

Questions, please send an email using the Contact Us link on the website.   Thanks.

January 2015 Financial Close Schedule Update

As previously announced, the financial close for January, 2015 in UR Financials (Workday) is currently scheduled to be complete by the morning of Tuesday, February 10th.   Until then, we will be running summary reports to validate the results and verify that all interfaces and transactions posted as expected.

Communication will be sent out Tuesday morning announcing that the system is available for running January reports.  If the schedule changes for any unforeseen reason, we will send out communications to notify you.

Questions, please send an email using the Contact Us link on the website.  Thanks.

Updated Crosswalks Available

Several Crosswalks have been updated and are listed below.

When using these tools, you will see that some FRS subcodes have been consolidated under one Spend or Revenue Category. In addition, you will find new Spend and Revenue Categories that don’t currently exist in FRS as subcodes. This is by design as we move to the new Chart of Accounts in UR Financials.

Use the FDC and these Tools: FRS Subcode to Workday Worktags Crosswalk in conjunction with the updated UR Financials Ledger Accounts, Spend & Revenue Category Listing

  • FRS Department to Workday Cost Center Crosswalk
  • FRS Account to UR Financials FAO Crosswalk
  • UR Financials Ledger Accounts, Spend & Revenue Category Listing
  • FRS Subcode to Workday Worktags Crosswalk

UR Financials Live for Certified Users

UR Financials, our new financial system, is running live in our production environment.

All certified users can log into the system at this time.  This refers to users that have completed the following:

  1. Have a Workday Access Form submitted and approved
  2. Completed all necessary training
    1. This includes the Introduction to UR Financials eLearning  in Blackboard
    2. AND the Non Company Level Reporting class for non company level users.
  3. Passed all necessary training assessments in Blackboard
    1. This includes the Introduction to UR Financials eLearning assessment
    2. AND the Non Company Level Reporting test for non company level users.

If you have not completed the above items, please do so now.

Provided is a list of Certified Users as of April 24, 2015 2:30PM.  After achieving certification, access should be provided 1-2 business days later.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Project Champion.

Take the UR Financials Survey Before it’s Closed

Thank you to all that have taken the project survey opened on October 16th. As a reminder, there is only one week left before the survey is closed.  Your feedback is important.

Our first survey was distributed in April and we received positive and encouraging feedback. Your responses will allow us to continue to tailor project activities to your needs.

Please click here to take the anonymous survey by October 31st, 2014. 

Side note: we have had technical difficulties with releasing the survey for last week’s Demo Days.  We appreciate your patience as we resolve this and post accordingly.

Take the UR Financials Survey!

The UR Financials implementation is progressing towards its final phases.  As many of you are aware, this system will replace FRS, our aging legacy financial system, by January, 2015. 


Once again we solicit your feedback in an effort to ensure necessary levels of preparedness. Your continued response allows us to tailor project activities to your needs.  

UR Financials Survey

Please take five minutes to answer the anonymous survey through the link above. The survey will be available until October 31, 2014 .


Training Materials Now Available

Are you interested in learning more about how the new financial system works? We have released a series of educational tools early to orient and prepare users for the new financial system. These are all available on the UR Financials Training page.

1. Introduction to UR Financials (Prerequisite to all instructor-led classes) *

This 45-minute e-learning course explains what UR Financials (Workday) is and how to use it. Topics include:

  • Explanation of the new Financial Data Model (FDM)
  • How to translate FRS account information to the new Chart of Accounts
  • How to log in, navigate, and search the new system
  • How to run a basic report in the new system

2. Introduction to Forms (Prerequisite to all form instructional videos)

This video explains the impact of the new Chart of Accounts on your FRS accounts and commonly used forms. Topics include:

  • Explanation of the new Financial Data Model (FDM)
  • Translation tools that will convert FRS accounts to the new structure
  • How to apply translation tools to the updated financial forms

3. Form Instructional Videos

This video series details what will be changing in individual finance forms. (Draft forms are also available for preview on the UR Financials Training page.)

More information is to come on dates, times, and registration for instructor-led classes that will be held in November-December.

* NOTE: Users who will be taking instructor-led classes will need to complete a certification test at the end of the Introduction to UR Financials e-learning course. This test will be released in October.  Please know, you may review the e-learning course multiple times prior to taking this test.