UR Financials Assistance Update

The UR Financials email address/mailbox (urfinancials@UR.Rochester.edu) has been decommissioned. Emails sent to urfinancials@UR.Rochester.edu can no longer be responded to. For any questions or concerns with UR Financials, please begin to follow the updated guidelines below.

If you experience an issue not addressed in the self-help materials or after consultation with a project champion, please call your Help Desk for assistance:

IT Help Desk
(585) 275-2000

Medical Center (ISD) Help Desk
(585) 275-3200

A member of the Project Team will contact you regarding your question or concern once a ticket has been opened.

Workday 28 Release

Twice a year, UR Financials has a scheduled upgrade, the next occurring on Saturday, March 11, 2017. This edition does not have any significant end user impacts, however there will be a few new features that we want to bring to your attention:

  • A new Toggle Full Screen Viewing Mode graphical button  has been added to most reports and other grids throughout the application. The button is located above the column headings with the export and filter buttons. The new mode makes better use of screen real estate by showing more rows.

With Full Screen Viewing Mode activated, the grid now consumes the entire browser frame. To exit Full Screen View Mode, click the button again. This will shrink the grid to its usual size, restoring access to the report header, global search, and navigation.

  • The Related Actions button in header areas has been replaced with a button labeled “Actions”. The new button is most prominently seen in the blue page header area.

In other areas, the Related Actions button is still displayed as a graphical button with three dots  that is shown when hovering over an actionable item.

If you have any questions related to the upgrade, please contact the University IT help desk at x52000. Thanks

FRS Retired Today August 10th

Our legacy Financial Records System (FRS) has been officially retired and taken offline as of today, August 10th, 2016.  It was held available for users in parallel to the UR Financials system so previous records could be retrieved directly from FRS.

For financial information prior to January 1st, 2015, please use your COGNOS account to run historical financial reports.  If access to COGNOS is needed, please complete the Cognos Access Form and follow submission instructions found on the form.

Questions, please send an email to the UR Financials Support Team.

UR Financials to Modify Its Look Today, March 14th

UR Financials will undergo some cosmetic and functional changes to the Home page, Reporting and Announcements. Changes are listed below in detail.

Home Page

UR Financials can now be branded with University of Rochester imagery. Below details how the home page will be customized in three different ways:

banner1.       The top center of the Home page will no longer show the Workday image, but will now show the University of Rochester logo.

2.       Below the UR logo, University images will appear that will periodically change. UR Financials Announcements will also appear in this area.

3.       The Home Button previously to the left of the Search bar will show the Workday “W” logo and performs the same function.


Grid (column) personalization will now be an option on most reports. This feature provides users the ability to visually modify columns shown in report results. Note: All columns will be visible in a grid by default.
Changing columns will not impact data as this is just a visual change and only seen by the user.

before grid

The Show/Hide Columns icon is located in the upper right of the report result grid.

1.       Select the icon to view a drop-down list of all report column titles.


2.       Check only the columns desired to appear on the report.

3.       Select the Done button to save and see changes made. A quick message will appear stating “Changes have been saved” under the U of R logo.  These changes will persist and show the next time the report is run.

Tip: The icon turns light blue when selections have been made

4.       Return to the Show/Hide Columns icon (now blue) to make further changes

after grid

Note: This feature is not available on all reports


Announcements will become more interactive and will now be able to link to items such as; reports, external links and tasks. After March 14th, when viewing announcements in the UR Financials system, select the announcement for further viewing of information or possible links.

Additional Changes for March 14th

Read more about changes to the FAO attribute location
Read more on new layout options for Awards (Grant Analysts)

If you have questions please email URFinancials@UR.Rochester.edu.


Alert: UR Financials Intermittent Sign On Issues Experienced in all Browsers

ALERT:  The UR Financials system is experiencing sporadic log on issues with all browsers at this time (Thursday, 3/10/16 3:12 PM EST).  This may prevent users from accessing the system. 

This issue is being diagnosed for resolution.  The UR Financials web site will be updated once the issue has been resolved.

Tip: If successfully logged in, the recommendation is to remain in the system to maintain connectivity. 

FAO Attributes Found in New Location on March 14th

Due to the UR Financials Upgrade on March 14th, the FAO attribute location will change.  When viewing FAO attributes (Including Grants), the related worktags will now appear differently within the UR Financials system.

For example, within the View Grant screen, the related worktags are no longer seen at the top of the page, but now can be viewed by either selecting the Related Actions button on that Grant, or opening the newly created Related Worktag tab at the bottom of the screen.

FAO location change 1FAO location change 2

Use this View Grant and Award Job Aid for detailed steps on this change.

For non-Grant FAOs, such as Operating Programs, worktags will now appear in the lower half of the screen after searching for the FAO using the UR Financials system search bar.

FAO location change 3

If you have questions please email URFinancials@UR.Rochester.edu.


Alert: Intermittent Sign On Issues Experienced in all Browsers

ALERT:  UR Financials is experiencing sporadic log on issues now using any browsers at this time (Monday, 2/29/16 10:30 AM EST) that may prevent users from accessing the system. 

This issue is being diagnosed for resolution.  The UR Financials web site will be updated once the issue has been resolved.

Tip: If successfully logged in, the recommendation is to remain in the system to maintain connectivity. 

Alert: Intermittent Sign On Issues Experienced in UR Financials

ALERT:  UR Financials is experiencing sporadic log on issues at this time (2/26/16 11:02 AM EST) that may prevent users from accessing the system.  This issue is being diagnosed for resolution.  The UR Financials web site will be updated once the issue has been resolved.

Tip: If successfully logged in, the recommendation is to remain in the system to maintain connectivity. 

Sign Up for January’s User Group Meeting

Sign up for this month’s UR Financials User Group meeting.
January’s meeting will begin with announcements, followed by a demonstration of the recently updated Operating Program Trends Summary (NCL) URF0958 report and an overview of more prompting options.

There are still open seats left! Please sign up for an option of your choice:

Meeting date/time:
January 20th
from 1:30 – 2:30 PM.


  • In-person participation
    Medical Center:  2-7520, (view the second floor CEL Department Map)
  • Remote participation
    participants click hereand enter your name and e-mail if prompted.
    Meeting password is: Workday24

Conference call information:
Dial in: 1-888-330-3581Access Code: 6534022

Presentation materials will be posted on Resource>User Group page.

Accounts Payable Self-Service Information Updated

There are many ways to view Accounts Payable activity.  Here are the top 3 methods.

  1. Non Company Level (NCL) users can see for themselves if an invoice has been entered into UR Financials by using the report Find Supplier Invoice Lines (NCL) URF0992. Company Level users can access the Find Supplier Invoice Lines – with Saved Filters URF0355 report which produces an output specific to their needs. Outlined below are features of the Find Supplier Invoice Lines (NCL) URF0992 report.

Find Supplier Invoice Lines (NCL) URF0992 report:

a.)  Results from this report may now show a colored “flag” in the Supplier Invoice column indicating a Document Link or Attachment is present. Sup Inv rpt 2
Each colored flag represents a different type of supporting documentation on the transaction.flags

b.)  Payment Date and Transaction Reference fields will have data when Payment has been sent (those fields are blank if the payment has not yet been sent). Paid/Not Paid is also designated by a Green Checkmark (Paid) Checkor Red X (Not Paid) X in the Payment Type field.

Payment type

c.)  By Drilling into the Supplier Invoice to see the details, users can further click on the Payment tab to view the Reconciliation Status. (Right click on the related actions icon next to the Supplier Invoice located in the first column and choose See in New Tab).
Reconciledthe payment/check has been cashed
Unreconciledthe check is still outstanding

Supplier Invoice


2) If you do not have security to view the Supplier Invoice Document Links, this request form allows the user to view stored PDFs of Supplier Invoices within UR Financials: Supplier Invoice Viewing Permission Form

3) Still have questions, contact AccountsPayable@finance.rochester.edu for routine inquiries.  This is the best approach, rather than emailing a specific AP staff member.  Emailing the department mailbox with questions and requests will be managed by the AP team and are continually processed.

If you prefer to speak to someone, call Accounts Payable at 275-3483.  Please listen to phone prompts as they were updated in July.

Reminder: Genius Bar Rescheduled to October 19th

REMINDER:  The Genius Bar originally scheduled for today, has been moved to a new date/time and location as seen below.  Please sign up to attend.

RESCHEDULED DATE:  Monday, 10/19/2015 (time slots from 1:30PM- 3:30PM)

LOCATION: College Town 3102 Training Room, Third floor (map below)

Seating is limited with questions being answered in the order of this sign up list.  Each user will be limited to 15 minutes so that we can attend to everyone that signs up.  To help us better prepare, please type in your question(s) within the My Comments section that appears when signing up.

A map to this College Town location can be found on the sign up page, guiding drivers to the FREE 2-hour College Town Parking area.