UR Financials to Modify Its Look Today, March 14th

UR Financials will undergo some cosmetic and functional changes to the Home page, Reporting and Announcements. Changes are listed below in detail.

Home Page

UR Financials can now be branded with University of Rochester imagery. Below details how the home page will be customized in three different ways:

banner1.       The top center of the Home page will no longer show the Workday image, but will now show the University of Rochester logo.

2.       Below the UR logo, University images will appear that will periodically change. UR Financials Announcements will also appear in this area.

3.       The Home Button previously to the left of the Search bar will show the Workday “W” logo and performs the same function.


Grid (column) personalization will now be an option on most reports. This feature provides users the ability to visually modify columns shown in report results. Note: All columns will be visible in a grid by default.
Changing columns will not impact data as this is just a visual change and only seen by the user.

before grid

The Show/Hide Columns icon is located in the upper right of the report result grid.

1.       Select the icon to view a drop-down list of all report column titles.


2.       Check only the columns desired to appear on the report.

3.       Select the Done button to save and see changes made. A quick message will appear stating “Changes have been saved” under the U of R logo.  These changes will persist and show the next time the report is run.

Tip: The icon turns light blue when selections have been made

4.       Return to the Show/Hide Columns icon (now blue) to make further changes

after grid

Note: This feature is not available on all reports


Announcements will become more interactive and will now be able to link to items such as; reports, external links and tasks. After March 14th, when viewing announcements in the UR Financials system, select the announcement for further viewing of information or possible links.

Additional Changes for March 14th

Read more about changes to the FAO attribute location
Read more on new layout options for Awards (Grant Analysts)

If you have questions please email URFinancials@UR.Rochester.edu.


FAO Attributes Found in New Location on March 14th

Due to the UR Financials Upgrade on March 14th, the FAO attribute location will change.  When viewing FAO attributes (Including Grants), the related worktags will now appear differently within the UR Financials system.

For example, within the View Grant screen, the related worktags are no longer seen at the top of the page, but now can be viewed by either selecting the Related Actions button on that Grant, or opening the newly created Related Worktag tab at the bottom of the screen.

FAO location change 1FAO location change 2

Use this View Grant and Award Job Aid for detailed steps on this change.

For non-Grant FAOs, such as Operating Programs, worktags will now appear in the lower half of the screen after searching for the FAO using the UR Financials system search bar.

FAO location change 3

If you have questions please email URFinancials@UR.Rochester.edu.


Change to Layout Options for Awards on March 14th

There has been a change to the layout options for the Award Line tab, within the View Award screen. This Award Line enhancement improves user interface performance for awards with many award lines (Grants).

Enhancements contain the following:

  • Validations moved to the “submit” bar function
  • Error messages are actionable and specific
  • Alternate views available; single selection or grid view (see images below)
    o   Improves performance for managing awards with fifty plus award lines

 view award

How to change Award Line tab view

  1. Run the View Award report for an Award and select Award Lines Tab
  2. Select the Single Selection view optionSS icon
  3. Select the Grant to show the Grant details

Single Selection View:

view award 2

Grid View (traditional):

view award 3

If you have questions on these changes, please email URFinancials@UR.Rochester.edu.

Sign Up for September’s User Group Meeting

Sign up for this month’s UR Financials User Group meeting.
September’s meeting will begin with announcements, followed by updates on the Workday 25 upgrade along with an updated Training and Support approach.

There are still open seats left! Please sign up for an option of your choice:

Meeting date/time:
September 16th
from 1:30 – 2:30 PM.


  • In-person participation
    Medical Center:  
    ROOM CHANGE to 2-7536, (view the second floor CEL Department Map)
  • Remote participation
    participants click here and enter your name and e-mail if prompted.
    Meeting password is: Workday24

Conference call information:
Dial in: 1-888-330-3581Access Code: 6534022

Presentation materials will be posted on Resource>User Group page.

UR Financials User Interface Changes

Today, UR Financials (Workday) has an updated user interface as announced in previous User Group meetings and Newsletters.

Listed below are Workday interface highlights seen today:

  • Workday page names are now displayed below the search bar, i.e. Home, Favorites, etc.
  • Worklets are still available as round icons. The Announcements worklet icon has been removed. Each worklet will be represented as a different image

wd24interface change 081115

  • New navigation using a built in back arrow wd24 back button v2 returns users to the previous screen without losing criteria/data/information. This has replaced the “Change” icon found on report criteria pages. Select the arrow to navigate back to the previous page.
  • Announcements display atop the Home page and within select worklets. These are color coded based on message content and timing
    • Action Messages (Period closed, and open for post close adjustments, or report running) – Green
    • Awareness Messages (Period Approaching Close) – Yellow
    • Urgent Message / High Importance – Red

wd25 fin rep announce

  • Financial Reports worklet now contains a new list of common UR Financials resource links.  Use this to quickly access support reference documentation such as; report Quick Reference Guides and the Easy Report Matrix.

wd25 fin rep task

Other updates include items such as checkboxes, radio buttons, tabs, buttons, prompts (i.e. report prompts), dropdowns, date & time entry fields, and text fields/areas.

URF style changes 081115 v2

Users will experience these styling updates on all report criteria pages.  Refer to the updated UR Financials (Workday) User Interface change Quick Reference Card for guidance on these changes.

If you have questions on the new layout, Contact Us, or
UnivIT: (585) 275-2000 or email: UnivITHelp@ur.rochester.edu
URMC: (585) 275-3200 or email: HelpDesk_ISD@urmc. rochester.edu

Join Us – User Group Meeting on September 16th

Please join us for this month’s UR Financials User Group meeting.
This group has been created to inform, discuss, and share UR Financials practice with one another for continued learning and support.

Meeting date/time:
September 16th from 1:30 – 2:30 PM.
Sign-up to participate in person, or remotely.


  • In-person participation
    Medical Center:  ROOM CHANGE to 2-7536 , 
    (view the second floor CEL Department Map)
  • Remote participation
    participants click hereand enter your name and e-mail if prompted.
    Meeting password is: Workday24

Conference call information:
Dial in: 1-888-330-3581Access Code: 6534022

Meeting agenda is posted below:

  • Project Announcement and Accomplishments
  • Workday 25 Upgrade and Enhancements
  • Training and Support approach
  • Upcoming Events


Presentation materials will be accessible through this link.

Workday New User Interface Launches August 17th

On August 17th, UR Financials (Workday) will have an updated user interface and landing page as announced in previous User Group meetings. No longer will users see the My Workday 2.0 page after log in, but will instead land on a Home page with a new look and feel.

Listed below are Workday user interface highlights for August 17th:

  • Workday landing page will now be the Home page
  • Worklets will still be available, but will display as round icons. Each worklet will be represented as a different image. Select the image icon to see Worklet report listings

WD 24 Home page simplier

  • Announcements may be created and will display within the Announcements worklet.  These may be color coded based on message content and timing.  Select the individual announcement to read message details.wd24 announcements

TIP: The Announcements worklet itself does not contain any visual indicator when a message has been added, removed, or updated to the list.  Open this worklet often to see new messages added, removed, or updated regarding UR Financials.

  •  Grants Management Reports worklet, Common Financial Reports worklet and Capital Project Reports worklet will all be located within the Financial Reports worklet icon
    • Within each sub-worklet, reports list will still display

wd24 worklet

  • New navigation using a built in back button WD24 Back Nav will return users to the Home page after selecting a worklet icon.


More user interface changes are scheduled for Workday’s next release, coming this September and will be announced here.

For questions on these changes, Contact Us, or
UnivIT: (585) 275-2000 or email: UnivITHelp@ur.rochester.edu
URMC: (585) 275-3200 or email: HelpDesk_ISD@urmc. rochester.edu

Inbox viewing in Workday: Full view upon selection

Your Workday Inbox viewing has slightly changed.  No longer will an arrow be used to select and view your entire message.

inbox wd24

Now your message will automatically appear to the right of the screen once selected from your Inbox.

  1. To expand the message view, select the Full screen Viewing Mode icon (double headed arrow) next to the gear Actions icon Inbox expand
  2. Select the icon once more (toggle) to return the message size to its original size

For more tips, please visit the Tips and Tricks section of the UR Financials Newsletter emailed to users every Friday.


My Workday 2.0 includes Grant Management Dashboard: Worklets 5 or less

Worklets on the My Workday 2.0 home page allows for quick access to your favorite links.  The My Workday 2.0 home page has undergone some recent changes listed below:

  1. Only allows up to five (5) Worklets to show at one time for all users
  2. Now automatically includes the Grant Management Dashboard for Grant users

worklets wd24

If more than 5 Worklets are configured on the My Workday 2.0 page, please prioritize the Worklets selected to only show the five needed. If you have more than five listed, the remaining Worklets will not appear.
To do this, Configure Worklets  to modify the type and order as you would like them to appear on your My Workday 2.0 page. This includes the Grant Management Dashboard that has been automatically provided to all Grant users now in Worklet form.

UR Financials will Upgrade to Workday 24

On March 14th UR Financials will participate in a scheduled upgrade that impacts all users.  The majority of these changes are in reference to the Workday interface.

Here are some of the changes you will see after March 14th:

  • Home icon added to top Navigation
  • Navigation Menu icon (three lined column icon) removed – W: drive, Inbox, and other items merged with the Profile icon
  • Grants Dashboard added to Worklets configuration
  • Worklets on Home page will fill entire screen, until you add more
  • Floating Approval bar

Remains the same in UR Financials:

  • Workday logo takes you home
  • Use Profile icon used to log off

We have provided a brief Workday 24 overview to highlight user Interface changes for this upgrade.

The FRS Account to UR Financials FAO Crosswalk – Now Updated

The preliminary cross reference between FRS accounts and Financial Activity Object (FAO) is available for use. The Excel spreadsheet allows users to look up their FRS accounts and determine the corresponding UR Financials FAO. As additional accounts are added to FRS, the UR Financials project team will update the cross reference to reflect the changes.

FRS Accounts pulled from Cognos as of 11/19/14 (Open, Frozen status) — Does not include Net Investment in Plant (NIP) FRS accounts.

Refer to the crosswalk spreadsheet here.

Feedback or questions, please use the Contact Us link on the UR Financials website

UR Financials Ledger Accounts, Spend & Revenue Category Listing – Just Updated!

An updated job aid is available that shows ledger accounts and their associated spend or revenue categories, if applicable.  This Excel spreadsheet allows users to look up ledger accounts and categories based on the nature of the transaction. As additional ledger accounts and categories are created, the UR Financials project team will update this job aid to reflect those changes.

Refer to the crosswalk spreadsheet here.  Data represented from Workday as of June 20, 2014.

For feedback or questions, please use the Contact Us link on the UR Financials website.

UR Financials Project Prospective

Entering 2014, we launch into the formal Test phase of the project.  During the formal Test phase, we will be including some of the Special Interest Group members to test Workday to ensure that the design meets their unique needs.  We will be executing four iterations of testing:

  1. Test Cycle 1 (Component) – in test cycle 1, we will be testing components of the design to make certain that, as individual pieces, they perform as expected.
  2. Test Cycle 2 (End-to-End) – test cycle 2 will link together test scenarios from test cycle 1 to be a comprehensive end to end test of the business process.  This test cycle validates that all the individual components work properly together.
  3. Test Cycle 3 (Day in the Life) – test cycle 3 will be emulating “life in a Workday environment”.  User security will be tested to verify that security roles can perform the appropriate functions when Workday is turned on.  Additionally, over 100 interfaces will be tested and posted into Workday to validate that all are ready for go-live.  Reports will be used to verify the results in Workday.
  4. Test Cycle 4 (Workday 22) – on March 22, 2014, we will be receiving the release of Workday that we will go live on.  Workday 22 has some critical features that need to be functioning as expected.  The two major features are the multi-company design (allowing us to have balanced set of books at the divisional level, yet report as one legal entity) and enhanced reporting features.  We will test all new functionality delivered in Workday 22, as well as re-test all other functionality that we will go live with.

Besides testing in this phase, we will be finalizing the forms revisions, develop the training material, establish end user security for go-live, and develop a Workday Data Governance structure.  It will be a busy 4 months, but necessary to be ready for training delivery in the May-July time as well as preparing for go-live.

As always, we appreciate all the feedback that we have received and are grateful for your support as we all partake on this journey.   Collectively, we can make the university “ever better”.

The UR Financial Project Team

UR Financials Overview

GL/COA team co-leads Kathy Strojny and Patty Stevens led two informational sessions at the Simon School of Business and the Medical Center on November 5th and 8th. The presentations provided a general overview of the UR Financials project and timeline. They also introduced the Financial Data Model (FDM), which is the replacement for the FRS chart of accounts, and worktags, which are the underlying building blocks. The sessions were well-attended and a dynamic discussion followed the presentation of materials. The slides, which include a crosswalk from FRS to Workday, are posted under Resources > UR Financials Project General Information.

FRS Subcode to Workday Worktags Crosswalk

It’s here!

The preliminary cross reference between FRS subcodes and Workday worktags is available for use.  The Excel spreadsheet allows users to look up their favorite FRS subcodes and determine the corresponding Workday Spend Category, Revenue Category, and Ledger account.  As additional subcodes are added to FRS, the UR Financials team will update the cross reference to reflect the changes.

Refer to the crosswalk spreadsheet here.

Feedback or questions, please use the Contact Us link on the UR Financials website