Change to Layout Options for Awards on March 14th

There has been a change to the layout options for the Award Line tab, within the View Award screen. This Award Line enhancement improves user interface performance for awards with many award lines (Grants).

Enhancements contain the following:

  • Validations moved to the “submit” bar function
  • Error messages are actionable and specific
  • Alternate views available; single selection or grid view (see images below)
    o   Improves performance for managing awards with fifty plus award lines

 view award

How to change Award Line tab view

  1. Run the View Award report for an Award and select Award Lines Tab
  2. Select the Single Selection view optionSS icon
  3. Select the Grant to show the Grant details

Single Selection View:

view award 2

Grid View (traditional):

view award 3

If you have questions on these changes, please email