Changes to the UR Financials Newsletter

In December 2013, the project team received feedback asking for an easier way to receive project information. In response to this feedback, the team began sending a UR Financials Newsletter semimonthly that included project news and information about upcoming events for users of the finance system.

In our efforts to continually strive for timeliness, clarity, and efficiency, we will discontinue the UR Financials Newsletter on June 10, 2014. Instead, everyone who currently receives the Newsletter will now receive updates via email as articles are posted to the UR Financials website. Rather than receiving news semimonthly, you will receive it as it happens. No action is required.

Below you will find a sample of what the new email updates will look like.


If you have not previously received the UR Financials Newsletter and would like to receive email updates, enter your name and email address in the Subscribe field located in the upper right corner of this website. If at a later date you want to unsubscribe, please contact us at

We welcome your feedback on this new communication feature.