Converted Data Ready for Review

FY15 July Through October Converted Data available in the Conversion /Hands On Workday Environment

FY15 converted data is now available in the Conversion/Hands On environment in Workday.  We have loaded and validated July through October data with the exception of Grants related balance sheet and revenue data. 

For those individuals that were able to attend the Reporting Hands On sessions back in October, you should have some familiarity in running the reports that were demonstrated.   For others unable to attend the sessions, we have posted the Hands On session material as a guide for running some of the reports.   In addition, it will be beneficial to review the eLearning course for additional introductory information on the UR Financials application.

User security has been updated in this environment based on the returned COGNOS Security Access forms that have been returned.

If you have questions, please Contact Us