FAO Attributes Found in New Location on March 14th

Due to the UR Financials Upgrade on March 14th, the FAO attribute location will change.  When viewing FAO attributes (Including Grants), the related worktags will now appear differently within the UR Financials system.

For example, within the View Grant screen, the related worktags are no longer seen at the top of the page, but now can be viewed by either selecting the Related Actions button on that Grant, or opening the newly created Related Worktag tab at the bottom of the screen.

FAO location change 1FAO location change 2

Use this View Grant and Award Job Aid for detailed steps on this change.

For non-Grant FAOs, such as Operating Programs, worktags will now appear in the lower half of the screen after searching for the FAO using the UR Financials system search bar.

FAO location change 3

If you have questions please email URFinancials@UR.Rochester.edu.