Forms Are Changing
Due to the change in our Chart of Accounts to the new Financial Data Model (FDM) for UR Financials, Forms Have Changed! Below is a sneak peek of a few updated forms. Let us know what you think.

How do I complete forms that have been updated? 

What tools do I use to translate my FRS codes to the new FDM? 


Finance Forms   Instructional Videos
  Introduction to Forms
(Prerequisite for all Forms)
  • APRequest, Accounts Payable Special Handling Request Form (Finance Form)
 Banking Entry Instructional Video
  • F2, Request for Advance Travel Tickets (Finance Form)
  • F3, Employee Expense Report (Finance Form)
F3 Instructional video
  • F4, Request for Payment (Finance Form)
F4 Instructional video
  • F5, Petty Cash Voucher (Finance Form)
  • F6, Petty Cash Fund Summary (Finance Form)
  • F7, Moving Expense Report (Finance Form)
  • F8, Request for Moving Advance (Finance Form)
  • F9, Petty Cash Fund Request (Finance Form)
  • F34, Student Expense Report for University Business (Finance Form)

Financial Forms with Potential For Change Due to UR Financials Project
The following spreadsheet contains a listing of all known forms that will require some type of change as we transition to UR Financials/Workday from FRS.  If you are aware of any forms that are NOT on this list, but will require modification due to UR Financials/Workday, please contact us.  Supply your email information so that someone from the UR Financials project team can contact you regarding questions we may have.

Forms Impacted by UR Financials FDM – As of 09-21-15