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Tell us how frequently you use financial statement reports within UR Financials.
[Reports listed below]

If you are a Daily or Weekly user, please provide your status and contact information to the UR Financials Reporting Team for follow up.

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Financial Statement Definitions:

000 – Balance Sheet

  1. Balance Sheet – Natural Ledger Summaries (CD887)
  2. Consolidated Balance Sheet (CD886)

000 – Statement of Activities

  1. Ledger Account Activity (CD888)
  2. Ledger Expense and Revenue Account Activity with Non-Operating Activities (CD821)
  3. Statement of Activities – Basic (CD889)
  4. Statement of Activities – Consolidated Functional Classification (CD383)
  5. Statement of Activities – Consolidated Functional Classification with Transfer and Other NACUBO Code (CD890)
  6. Statement of Activities – Consolidated Natural Classification (CD382)

000 – Trial Balance

  1. Ledger Account Balances (Trial Balance View) (CD832)
  2. Ledger Account Balances (Trial Balance View – with headers) (CD836)