This UR Financials project website has been created to serve as your single source of information for status updates, project timeline, and available resources.  UR Financials is a project geared to replace the current legacy Financial Records System (FRS), the system that has been used for over 40 years to record the University’s financial and accounting activities, with Workday Financials.  This website provides an opportunity to ask questions and provide input.  Content will be updated frequently and new sections will be added throughout the implementation.

The move to UR Financials using Workday, a cloud-based solution, will mitigate risk associated with the existing mainframe system, modernize finance and accounting services including built-in best practices, and create a more sustainable system architecture.

New to UR Financials?

The implementation of UR Financials will impact ALL University employees to varying degrees. Use this guide to help you understand how UR Financials will impact you.

Step 1 – Get Oriented

Welcome – Here you will get a brief orientation to the UR Financials project and website, including the mission of the UR Financials project, the purpose of this website, and how to best use it.

Resources: General Project Information  This section of general project information catalogs all past and current presentation slide decks for meetings listed on our Calendar page. Select individual links to familiarize or refresh yourself on project topics, changes, or new features by functional area or event:

Calendar – The calendar shows project events scheduled each month that allow the project team to provide information to users and allow users to provide feedback on the UR Financials implementation. You are welcome to attend any open meetings.

Self Help– The Self Help section contains guidance on help when using UR Financials.  This contains FAQs, a list of Champions for one on one help, Help desk numbers and any other support options created.  For example FAQs are questions gathered from project presentations at Demo Days, website and email submissions, and surveys sent throughout the project. This page provides referential understanding through related questions. This page is searchable as well, if you are looking for a specific topic.

Step 2 – Stay in the Know

News – This page is updated most frequently, with the latest information about new tools, features, forms, or impact to you or your department due to the project’s work.

  • Subscribe – Submit your name and email address in the Subscribe field to have the latest updates delivered right to your inbox.

Training – Provides information on training options, instructor-led training class dates, and course outlines.

Tools – Look here for resources built to assist in translating FRS account codes to the new Financial Data Model that has gone into effect January 2015.

Forms – This will be a resource for you as we start to release updated forms to use which reflect the change of our NEW Financial Data Model.  Find Security forms for Workday under the submenu, Security Forms.

Step 3 – Gain a Deeper Understanding

Search – Use the search bar to search content on this site by keyword. This is the fastest way to find information about a topic that is of interest to you.  This is located in the upper right corner of every main navigation page.

Glossary – Refer to the Glossary as you come across terms that are unfamiliar. With a new system and a new financial data model, there are some new terms to learn. This is located in the right side of every main navigation page.

Contact Us Send us any questions or comments about the UR Financials project here, and a project team member will respond.

UR Financial Login Use this page to access the new UR Financials system after you have been provided a valid UR Financials (Workday) ID and password.